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One of my favorite blogs to read is Enjoying the Small Things. Kelle Hampton is a mom of three kids living in Florida enjoying all the little things that life has to offer. I’m not exactly sure how I found this blog but it was a morning ritual to read and soak in all of her families’ goodness. Her middle daughter, Nella, was born with Downs Syndrome which lead her on a road that wasn’t the plan she had for her life, but rather a plan that she graciously accepted and has blossomed from since the day that little one was born.  I love this blog for so many reasons.

Some of my favorite post are the ones when Kelle talks about her Net. The group of women she has in her life that catch her when she is falling. I remember thinking about my Net, that group of women that if needed would catch me.

My Net, I don’t need to name you because you know who you are, come from all over the World.  There are so many of you!  Childhood friends, college friends, sister-in-laws, grown-up friends, cousins, work friends and the list goes on and on. I have been blessed with so many amazing women in my life to nurture me, stand by me, cry with me, laugh with me and keep me accountable. I am so blessed to call each and every one of you my friend.

The past 2 months I have especially been grateful for these friendships. Your prayers, your thoughts, your notes of love, your advise and your shoulder to cry on. I know that without you this journey I am on would be harder than it already is. Thank you for catching me and holding me tight by your words, your prayers and your arms.

I used to think about getting all of the amazing women I know together for a retreat of some kind. I would think “wouldn’t it be amazing to meet in a condo (or several) in Colorado for a long weekend?” The energy of all of my friends intertwined would be something special. Right now I feel that this site and my Facebook page have become that condo. Friends have intertwined with posts and comments that have inspired me and have put joy into my aching heart. They have reached out to one another just for the sake of providing Tom and I comfort in this very hard time.

My girls used to comment often about our friendships and how they felt so blessed by the people we had in our lives. Last year Abigail made a special Mother’s Day treat for the moms that she admired in our community. These women are part of my Net, they mothered my girls and nurtured them. I always thought that if anything ever happened to me, my girls would be taken care of by the love of so many. My girls are in Heaven with happy hearts because they know I am being taken care of by you, My Net.

I wish I had pictures of all of you. I will definitely will be bringing my camera to our retreat.

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10 thoughts on “My Net

  1. What a lovely post…. it makes perfect sense that the fun-loving girl I’ve known since childhood would no-doubt have many treasured friends as a grown-up….what a beautiful web of memories you’ve made. I so enjoy learning more about you and your life and amazing family with
    each post. So happy to have this connection with you even with so many miles between us. Hope you can feel the big heart- felt love and hugs I’m sending you….praying frequently for your pain to fade and heart to be mended. Love you ♥


  2. I love this blog. It brings tears of sadness and tears of joy to learn more about your girls, and your family time. It helps me cherish everything in life. I love the photo of us Girl Scout moms because it shows whose bunny ear fingers are in one of the other photos… The camera caught Abby photo bombing us! See her running behind us, being sneaky? She has such a fun spirit! Hugs to you and Tom. We’re all here for you, for always.


  3. I admire the way you continue your journey.. You haven’t stopped; moreover, you paused when needed and you with such grace and pose carried your self & family through a time in life that not many could fine the words or courage to cope yet survive but some how with Gods ever presence you have. I admire your strength and inner beauty. I especially admire your forgiveness and generosity to our community. I thank you for shadowing to me what a Love drenched mother looks like. I know that motherhood is a beautiful journey but placed in your words it’s the epitome of heaven.


  4. I’m thankful everyday that you and Tom have so many wonderful friends and family holding you, loving you, and praying for you. I live, these days, with teary eyes of sadness, thankfulness, and even joy. I love you my friend and always will.


  5. You will always have my love and support. I am so proud to be your sister n law. We are always here for you and Tom. Love you so much Sue


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