Snow Day

Snow Angels

The excitement would have started yesterday at both the girl’s schools as they sat and watched the snow fall from the sky. Abigail planning her evening fun; sledding at Birch St hill, hanging with friends around the neighborhood, home for hot cocoa and a movie snuggled on the couch. She probably would have also lobbied for a sleepover the minute school was canceled for today- Grace, Paige or Clara? Or would ask for all three if she felt lucky.

Anna would have sat in her classroom amazed by the snow falling. When the announcement was made that they were going home early I’m sure she would have had a little panic, worried her Mama wouldn’t know to pick her up at a different time. I would be there earlier than the rest because I know she would be worried. We would drive home the back way to avoid 47, smiling ear to ear at the giant flakes falling down and making plans for an evening of fun in the snow. Anna too would lobby for a sleepover, especially if Abigail was having one, Makenna would be her pick.

Snow clothes would be dug out of a basement closet, dusted off and layered so as not to get cold and make the fun end early. White snow pants for Abigail that make her look like a seasoned snowboarder along with a fun ski hat borrowed from my collection. Anna with her black pants, that are just a little too big, and heavy duty socks to make up for rain boots that aren’t for snow but rather warm rain. She would dig for her owl hat, to keep her head and ears warm, and because it was made by her Mama.

Abigail would stay out as long as allowed eating snow, having snowball fights and loving the freedom. Anna would stay out until she felt cold and then would be back in, drinking hot tea or warm milk but definitely not hot chocolate. She’s the only kid I know that doesn’t like it.

Anna with baby Mary, after bundling Mary up in her red snow outfit, would want to play cafe and help me bake cookies and make homemade pizza, preparing for the evening festivities with friends. We would then dig out sleeping bags and extra blankets for the overnight freeze. Our family room, the preferred sleepover location, is a cold place to sleep especially on a snowy winter night; extra blankets would definitely be needed.

Abigail would arrive home, banging on the door asking for a towel to dry off a bit before she came in. She would be soaked, that’s what happens when your face down eating snow for hours. Smiles all around from everyone.

Tom would make it home and would comment on his commute and the amount the condition of the roads. He’s from Northern England and not used to driving in the snow. Both girls would share the details of their day and share their excitement for the day to come. Tom would announce he too was going to have a snow day.

We would be happy we were all under one roof and that we didn’t have to go anywhere the next day. A free day was given by Mother Nature to just be together in the house snuggled up with a warm fire and warm drinks or playing outside in the snow, making snow angels, having snowball fights and just running the streets of Old Town bundled up.

Snow days are the best with my girls!

DSC_1666 DSC_1659 DSC_1628 DSC_1618 DSC_1646 DSC_1701 DSC_1702 DSC_1703

These photos were taken last year during a trip to the mountain. We haven’t had a snow day like today in awhile so we went to the snow instead.

8 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Love your pictures Susan…so beautiful! Makenna would be begging for a sleepover as well!! Sometimes the anticipation of the sleepover was almost as exciting as the actual sleepover :). Love your girls so much! She has worn Anna’s owl hat for much of her snow time activities these past few days. She loves that it belongs to Anna and that you would trust her with it….but most of all, it feels like Anna is sledding with her (and I know she is!!)


  2. When I read your blogs, it amazes me how you paid such attention to every detail of every minute of every day to your girls’ lives. It is like The Lord knew that these little girls felt more love in their little lives than most people do in a lifetime. Thank you for teaching us to stop and treasure every little moment we spend with our loved ones. Knowing you has made me and so many others a better person with a little bigger heart❤️ Love you


  3. Such beautiful, rich memories of snow days with your snow angels. And I love that Anna didnt like hot cocoa. I have a feeling, being a November Scorpio, she was probably unique in so many ways…not like other kids. A special, precious, delicate, wise soul. Smiling thinking about them sprinkling snow from boxes across the U.S.


  4. Susan I absolutely love this vivid ” what If snow day” I felt Captured In The Moment With You All. That was a very detailed memory. Beautifully written and colorful to. I was thinking about you yesterday and praying for your family as I do every night. My thought was as I was photographing the snow how you were holding up? I keep you in my forethought & I am sending you lots of warm hugs today. Be well much respect Heather


    1. Thank you Heather! I’m sure your kids are having a blast today in the snow. Heart is definitely heavy today but we have been able to enjoy the beauty of a good snow fall. Thinking the girls had something to do with it. Take Care!


      1. Awe… well my littles have been horribly sick. Leonidus our baby boy who is 5, has had 104 fevers, the baby girl Mystirose is following behind her brother- sigh however yesterday we did manage to venture out for Mexican food and Ice cream, funny how fast kids feel better when milkshakes and sundaes are involved. I am working on another canvas for you- the process is not clear just yet:) I’m letting the spirit guide me. GOD bless you friend.


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