Fairies and Gnomes

Ever since Anna was little fairies have been a huge part of our lives.

Whether it was dressing up like a fairy…

Anna fairy

or making houses for fairies to come visit…

Fairy house

we have always been a fairy family.

My girls loved their fairies and would spend hours building elaborate spaces for them to come and visit.

Before blending our families, Anna and I would build fairy houses at the park in our old neighborhood, always leaving a little note in hopes that a fairy passing by would stop, read and stay for a while. Anna would always wake up the next morning asking to go and see if there was anything left by our magical friends and there always was. A little fairy dust, a fancy stone and sometimes even a tiny little note written specifically for little Miss Anna to listen to in amazement. She still has all those notes and fairy goods tucked away in a little keepsake box in her room.


Abigail was eager to be introduced to our fairy fun. She loved writing notes, building houses and, also, eagerly anticipating what the fairy would have to say back when they visited our family fairy garden. Both girls found magic in our front garden and would spend hours playing, building and imagining what the fairies would do when they flew into our neighborhood that night.  Even at the age of eleven she still very much believed in fairy magic. On our camping trip this past summer to Orcas Island she made a little fairy house and wrote a little note hoping for a visitor to come.


We even have a fairy door in our house that was left by Joey, our elf, two winters ago.

fairy door

The girls would leave notes in front of the door if it was too cold for them to play outside. Anna was anticipating leaving her first tooth by the door soon. She was never a big fan of fairies, elves or even Santa Claus coming upstairs for a visit, even if she was sound asleep. We had a “no magical creatures upstairs” rule in our house, the fairies were really good about it.

On Valentine’s Day I was able to share our love for fairies with Anna and Abigail’s girl scout troops by showing them how to make fairy houses. We spent a couple of hours creating little moss-covered huts so they can attract little fairies to their homes like the ones that visit our house on a regular basis. These girls, Anna and Abigail’s friends, were so excited about their creations and so thankful for our time together. I too, was so thankful for this time.



If you build a fairy house, the fairies will come. Especially now, because my girls know the fairies on a first name basis.

And where there are fairies there are always gnomes.


8 thoughts on “Fairies and Gnomes

  1. Love…there was just so much love in that cafeteria on Friday making those beautiful fairy houses. Thank you for loving our girls and teaching them about the wonderful world of fairies. I love you friend!


  2. The memorial rocks are so beautiful! Love your fairy world you created with your girls…so captivating! I’ve never been able to venture into fairyland with such wild abandonment but I’ve always admired those who did! Love to see you share that magic!


  3. One of my fondest Anna memories is last year during Reese’s birthday party. I was dressed as a fairy and Anna sat down with me on the lawn to ask if I was a real fairy. I told her I was and she shot me this very skeptical glance. She proceeded to “interrogate” me and I continued to keep up the ruse. When our conversation ended she left saying, “so you only bring out your wings for special people”. My response, “Yes, Anna. Very special people – like you.”

    I miss you sweet Anna!


  4. This was so much fun. McKenzi kept running off to check on her fairy house. I’m sure there will many more fairy houses in our future. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.


  5. I think you and your angels just inspired me to build a fairy house with Kaia and Rio:) Love, love, love the memorial rocks. You are surrounded by so much love that it warms my heart.


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