merry go round

Each time the carousel would come around my mom would hold up McKenna and wave her little hand to Anna. Anna had a huge smile on her face – pure delight!

As Anna moved out of sight we would look at each other and laugh. The things we do for our kids and grandchildren.

Thank you mom for ALWAYS being there for me and for my kids. We are so blessed by you!

Milkshakes in Heaven today in your honor!! Happy Birthday!

6 thoughts on “Carousel

  1. I had to enlarge the picture to see Anna’s expression. This one to me is like ,” I can’t believe my Grandma is doing that”. I love when I get that look from the Grands!


  2. Thank you Susan,
    I am so glad you posted this picture, I so remember that evening with Anna and her new doll. Like you said “pure delight”. I love that you have this blog and share so beautifully the wonderful memories of their beautiful life. Love you! 💖


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