Grace and Peter

We asked for a child that really needed a sponsor and really needed to feel loved. We have a lot of love to share and I think we both knew that there was a child amongst the group that needed us most.

Kennedy, our new friend and the Forward Edge Coordinator in Kenya, said he had the perfect child.

Kennedy and kids from Mama Beth's

Kennedy and kids from Mama Beth’s

We were heading out to do home visits for the afternoon and the students of the homes we were visiting were going to be walking with us. We had already connected with a 12 year old girl and told her that we wanted to be her sponsor. When we had first arrived at the school she was the first girl to write her name on my hand – Grace; I smiled and told her I had a very dear friend in America named Grace. She smiled back and grabbed my hand and that was it.


As the students came out of their classrooms Kennedy brought over a boy for us to meet. “This is Peter,” he said as the boy approached us with hesitation. “Peter, this is Susan and Tom and they want to be your sponsor.”

I can’t explain the feeling I had in my heart ~ it was so obvious this boy needed us to love him. We needed him to love us.

Peter was shy at first holding tight to his best friend John. The two were inseparable the entire time we were there. I love that Peter and John have each other. After awhile he started to warm up to us, asking if I wanted him to carry my bag of supplies. He was kind but it was obvious he was wounded. At that time I did not know the details of his life, all I knew was that he needed us and we were going to be there in every way we could ~ now knowing the details I pray every day that he feels our love and the love of our Father.

Peter and John

Peter and John

There are a lot of children in Mama Beth Children’s Program in Kijabe Kenya that need sponsors. We met these children, played with them, laughed with them and prayed with them ~ they are just like our children here in America. Well, maybe not just like American kids…they actually walk up hill (a steep hill) for about an hour every day on the way home from school without complaining. That is another story for another time.

They have hopes, dreams and want to make the best of their lives. Their circumstances, viewed from our American perspective, are grim in that they live in financial poverty. What is not impoverished though is their spirits, their love for the Lord and the joy that they bring to those who have the opportunity to meet them. Their smiles are warm, their love is pure and I can say they all give the best hugs ever!!


For more information about sponsoring a child from Mama Beth’s program please click here. I have have met these children and they do need you. 

Peter sign

4 thoughts on “Grace and Peter

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  2. That is an amazing program. It is wonderful that you were able to meet and tell Grace and Peter that you and Tom were going to sponsor them. The look on their faces must have been priceless. 🙂 I fell so inexplianabally sorry for those children who are so underprivileged and are living in the situation they are. I can only wish that they have hope and never lose faith.Going to Kenya must have been a live changing experience! I have always dreamed of taking a volunteer trip to someplace were I can make a difference.This program helps save lives and let’s us connect with these children who need to be loved. ❤


  3. I love your Peter! How sweet. I do believe that God matches up hearts that were meant to be together..
    We sponsored a little guy, Wilson, from Bolivia for 13 years… I started sponsoring him when I was single. We exchanged letters and pictures and gifts but most importantly prayer. Wilson aged out of the program eventually but with all the technology… he found me on facebook. We have never met face to face but “talk” often and he has shared just how much those words of encouragement meant him. He says just knowing that someone loved and prayed for him changed everything. He changed my heart even more. Love you Susan and Tom- I know you both, along with Grace and Peter will be so blessed by each other!


  4. I read your posts with a lump in my throat always and with tears in my eyes often. As a mother and a grandma and can’t imagine the depth of your pain. Thank you for showing me a way to grieve and a way to love.


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