Over and Over

I shared this video last January in a post called Bubbles. It’s one of my favorites but I would probably say that about all of our videos and photos at this point.

Today I sat and studied every little gesture each of them had as I watched over and over again. I then closed my eyes and listen to their voices, oh how I miss their voices. I smiled the moment Abigail gets frustrated with her sister, “ANNA!” I smiled at the little smirk my girl gives her frustrated sister, “at least we didn’t get it on my mom’s phone.”

Abigail’s room just the way she liked it…music playing.

Anna’s mouth full of gum…looks to me like 2-3 pieces.

Over and over and over again.


9 thoughts on “Over and Over

  1. What a beautiful remembrance and yet…heartbreaking..I don’t know how you do it. With such a tragedy, you find strength in your heart rocks. Ever since my mom died, in 2001, I have seen hearts all around me when I walk my dogs. A day does not go by without me seeing a heart in eggs the I just cracked into the pan, a cloud in the sky, a rock that wasn’t there on the dirt road or driveway the day before….they surround me and in those moments I am reminded that she is with me. It’s a reminder they are always with us and even when we can’t see their physical bodies and hug them, they are all around us. Your Heart Rocks touched me and I will be making some. What I want to know is what do you put as the tag where people contact you? Please email me and let me know: stephaniekarabaic@gmail.com


  2. I love that they filmed it without you knowing. A sweet surprise for sure. This is one of my favorites adds well add the one with Anna singing single ladies. Love you my friend.💜💙💜💙


  3. Your posts always make me cry for you….this one especially. I tried reading this to my boyfriend but couldn’t so I passed the computer over to him. Stay strong…….hugs to you……<3


  4. Thank you for sharing. I love their laughter. What a sweet glimmer into their life that you will cherish. Sweet sisters ❤ ❤


  5. Love! ❤️ Love Abigail’s beautiful art work! Love Anna’s mouthful of gum and catching bubbles on her tongue! Love the simple sister moments captured on Mama’s phone!


  6. I didn’t know them, but I have read nearly all of your entries, and to see them “in person” is such a gift. Thank you for sharing your girls and all of their beauty with us. Loving you and them from Niwot Colorado.


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