Sunday Reading

Another wonderful show last night at Theater in the Grove. The girls would be so proud of their dad/Tom, I sure am. One of the orphans, Molly, told me last night that she didn’t know Abigail and Anna very well but she really wanted to get to know me. During the play she snuggles up with Anna’s teddy bear and it makes me smile. She is so sweet and doesn’t let me walk by without given me a giant hug. How does she know that hugs are one of the many things I miss about my girls? I feel blessed by this little girl that has such a big heart and she’s an amazing actor to boot.

Another find of my girl doing what she does best…being absolutely adorable reading the bible.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Reading

  1. Susan, Anna is so precious. I’ve watched this clip over and over. “I love riding horses.” One of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. She’s so funny and cute and genuine. Love her.


  2. Susan,
    Your posts remind me every day how precious our children are. And I mean all the children…the ones we get to tuck in at night, the ones we teach, the ones we watch grow up in our community. The way you share your memories, love, and grief continues to bring us all closer together and remind us how special our connections and our faith are. I want to say thank you, but it seems too little. I am thankful for YOU!


  3. I just watched this video last week it is one I can watch over and over. Since she was an infant you made her aware of her faith in God. She even named one of her baby dolls “Baby Jesus”. What a gift you gave her at such a young age. Anna and Abigail had faith and are now making me grow in my faith. I feel so much closer to God and only see that growing because of their life.
    They are our gifts from God that I will cherish that gift daily.


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