A week ago I woke up and felt very sad to be leaving our home, our safe place. Today I woke up with the a similar sadness to be leaving my brother, sister-in-law and nieces.  This trip, although it was hard to be away from home, was such a blessing and I am so grateful to my family for creating such a loving and safe place for us here. My little nieces have brought me so much joy this past week, little girl joy! We are looking forward to lots of Facetime chats and hearing all about fairies that explore their house while they are sleeping.IMG953913 IMG953948 IMAG1150

While we were playing fairies, dancing and reading Wet Dog; it seems that Abigail made a little visit to my other brother’s house. Katie, my sister-in-law, called the other night to share this with us.

They had just arrived home from their visit with us and Katie was in the kitchen putting things away and cleaning up. She heard Holden, my 3 yr old nephew, running down the stairs yelling that something had just fallen out of the sky into their front yard. Katie said that she was very confused and met him at the bottom of the stairs where he proceeded to head out the front door without shoes on saying, “yep, there it is, it’s from Abigail.” Indeed there was a piece of wrapping paper sitting on their front lawn. Holden picked it up, looked at it, confirmed again it was from Abigail, gave it to Katie and walked back inside and up the stairs. Katie said this was all done without a question that Abigail, from Heaven, just delivered this to their yard.

The wrapping paper was covered in balloons. Something you would see a birthday present wrapped up in.IMG951601

When my older brother came home, Katie shared with him what had happened and showed him the paper. With tears in his eyes, he shared with her what he had written on the little piece of paper attached to one of the balloons released in celebration of  Abigail’s birthday. He had told the girls how much he loved them and asked for a sign that they were ok. He got his sign and they are ok.

Looking forward to sitting in Anna’s room tonight when we get home.

21 thoughts on “Signs

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Susan… wow! I know you are treasuring these things deep in your heart. As soon as we got phone service after entering the US, your posts were the first thing I went to. Love you friend!


  2. I read this story again and again. Each time I read it, I am thankful for all those little signs that you and your loved ones receive that bring you moments of connection and joy and peace.


  3. Susan, this brought tears and also gave me chills. Also how wonderful that Abigail’s sign came through Holden. May you continue to be held up by these signs and God’s love, love and prayers to you


  4. This is such a gift. The balloons are identical to the ones we all sent up for Abigail, right size, right colors, even the same colored ribbons hanging down that we attached our notes to. Smiling and feel them taking care of us. That sure is Abigail’s generosity.
    Love those little Angels.


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