Happiness Journal

Lots to be happy about this week but with that said my heart is very heavy. I know what it is and to be honest I’m not sure exactly how to get through it except to just pray and trust God that he will provide me with exactly what I need this Sunday, Mother’s Day.

I will never ever stop being a mom, never!

My children, Emily, Ben, Abigail and Little Miss Anna, are my greatest gifts and I am so proud of each and every one of them. Being their mom is a privilege and I cherish each and every day I have with them.

This Sunday I will spend the day with my girls with no distractions. I’m still trying to figure out what that will look like but I know that God will show me the way.

1. Anna and Abigail’s Celebration last Saturday. We were so blessed by our Donate Life Northwest family and feel honored that they asked us to join them in this event to celebrate the gifts our girls gave here on earth and continue to give now that they are in Heaven. It was a great day!

Are you registered to become an organ and tissue donor? If not ask me how you can become one. Our Abigail gave sight and saved lives…we are so proud of her!

donate life


2. Love Rock Tour. This week I was given the opportunity to come and share Love Rocks with a lot school children, both here in our town and in neighboring towns. All of the kids, and the adults with them, were so kind, gracious and ready to spread love one rock at a time. It is so amazing to see how the love has spread throughout the country and in other countries too.

3. Long weekend spent with my mom and dad. I am so grateful to my parents for all the love and support they have ALWAYS given me. It was so good to have them here to help us celebrate our girls, see Guys and Dolls and just spend time with them. They also love to do projects around our house which is very appreciated. I can currently see in my bathroom again and our downstairs studio has a fresh coat of paint. Thank you so much mom and dad for being the best parents and grandparents. We love you so much!

nana papa funny


4. As I was just getting ready to pack up my Love Rock supplies and head out for a little “how-to” session at another school I pulled out this amazing picture drawn by a second grader at one of our elementary schools. When I was visiting her class yesterday she gave me this little close pin person and this beautiful drawing. This warms my heart and makes me happy.

gift drawing


8 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. Susan,
    So many years of me looking up to you as someone who always made the impossible possible. Someone who found a way to smile in very hard situations, someone with an incredible amount of energy, someone whom everyone liked and someone who didnt know how to quit. You walked side by side with me through countless endeavors with Andrea. I remember you always finding the one silver lining in any situation with her. Now as a wife and mother, I look up to you for all the same reasons. Life presented you a horrible tradgedy yet her you are spreading the silver linings. I admire you and love you…….I miss you!
    Love Deana


    1. Love you too Deana and miss you and Andrea tons! Thank you for the kind words…I’ve always looked up to you my friend.


  2. Running hippie chick in honor of ‘Susan Day’ hoping to spread some ‘love rocks’ along the way. Happy mother’s day!


  3. You are the definition of what it means to be a Mother! Not only the way you love your own children, but for the love you have given and continue to give so many others. So many children have been blessed to love you and be loved by you!!!


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