Happiness Journal

This is what makes me happy this week, Love Rocks and Linus!

linus rockAfter a couple of weeks preparing for our presentation yesterday, and for the event we had a couple weeks ago, I am completely spent. I was supposed to help out with the Fun Run today at Anna’s school but had to cancel.

Today I spent the day with them – just the three of us. We did a little shopping this morning and I sat in each of their rooms for a bit this afternoon. Later we are going to do some sewing together. No distractions, just me my girls. Sounds crazy huh? Well, it’s what I have and I’m holding on to it.

I got this text from my dear friend who teaches at Anna’s school. This makes me happy too!

“A small group of us running holding hands had the idea of drawing a start line and running all the way around the track (even up hill which was super hard for some of us) for Anna. They were running yelling, “we are running for Anna!” Soon many others joined in to run for Anna. We are always loving her and thinking about her.”

My girl would have killed the Fun Run ~ just saying!

anna running 20

7 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. Not crazy at all. I pray that you find peace while spending time with your precious girls. And just keep holding on as tight as you possibly can.


  2. I heard one person describe these places “thin spaces,” where the separation between heaven and earth is “thin” and where we feel closer to God and stronger spiritually. These places are everywhere, Susan, and you will find them. You will feel them sewing, hiking, running, or being still. It isn’t crazy to spend time in these spaces. It is rather smart, and worthy of a happiness journal to find them.


  3. It’s not crazy. I do it all the time and so does Paige. I listen to Paige play and know when she is playing with Abigail, her very best friend forever. She writes to her in her journal and on our windows. The bond will never break.


  4. I so agree with Mary. When I am working on all my little Love Rock projects I so feel a spiritual connection to Anna and Abigail and I love it. I never want that to change and it never will. Love and miss them so much.
    Love you Susan, Mom


  5. I love that sewing and creating is when you can spiritually connect with your girls. It doesn’t sound crazy to me. I believe your attachment to your girls will never change and those times you feel closest to them is time spent in their presence spiritually. I’m glad you recognize when you need that time to sew, create and just be with them. I get it. Heaven is real. They are with you.


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