20 Questions

I wanted to do it all year but never found the right moment, I wanted to ask if they wanted to know anything about Abigail.

Hands started to go up.

Did she have other siblings? What was her favorite food? Favorite holiday? Did she play any sports? How long was her hair before she cut it all off? Did she ever play any practical jokes on you? They had questions and we were happy to answer them.

It’s a good group of kids, Abigail’s classmates, and I feel blessed to know them.

I told them I would be at their graduation and that I had better see them all there. They smiled.

They had fun at the picnic we hosted at the park.

For Tom and I, it meant the world.

As they were leaving I shared she had crush on him, he smiled. He’s a good kid, I definitely approved.

I am happy she got to experience her first crush.Abby!!!




7 thoughts on “20 Questions

  1. It was such a Blessing to watch the kids interact with you and Tom today. On the way back to school, I asked several if they had a good time and they said, YES!!
    They truly are a good group of kids.


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