One More Sleep

“How many more sleeps Mama?”

That is the question Anna would have been asking for the last month. We would count down and we all would be very excited. We were all off school in the summer.

It seems just like yesterday that we were getting ready for their first day of school.  They were so excited, Anna starting at her new school and Abigail being in 6th grade, which meant she was almost in middle school.

1st day of school

I will forever be connected with their teachers this year, they have become my friends. I admire them in ways I really can’t even put into words and I appreciate everything they did – not only for this grieving mother but for the students that they taught and cared for this year. They are truly amazing women, wonderful teachers and my girls were lucky to be students in their classes. I am blessed to have them in my life.

I remember that last year, the first day of summer break, Anna ran down and jumped into bed with me. She cuddled up and told me that she was so happy that she got to spend everyday with me now, I was so happy too. I remember Abigail (being pre-teen) was excited to sleep in, hang out with her friends, go to CBAP and “relax”. I was excited about the slow pace of summer and the care free nature that comes with having our days be totally open.

One more sleep Anna, one more sleep and then we are in a new phase of this journey.

Missing my girls.

sad summer ending

3 thoughts on “One More Sleep

  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful memory of the lazy summer days ahead. I am reminded of my childhood excitement over summer once school let out…


  2. Yes, you have been so blessed to have Anna and Abigail’s teachers in your life. I have heard from you and others about how they have helped guide their students through their grief
    these past several months and they are truly special women. I will continue to pray for you and Tom as we move into summer break. Love, Hugs and Prayers……………..Always.


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