Beautiful Story in Heaven

I get about 5 or 6 a day, personal messages sent to the Love Rocks page administrator – me. Each one tells a story of how Love Rocks has impacted lives in someway. Each story is unique but all share a common thread ~ Love and Joy.

After reading each story I say a little prayer and thank God for the peace and grace He has given me. I then look at the picture of my girls on the my desk and I smile. It is them that is at the root of this love and joy being shared and I am a proud mom.

Last night I got a message along with a picture of a Love Rock. I asked the sender if I could share it because I truly feel this is what it is all about. A little rock passed to one person and then another. In the end, the Love Rock finds it’s intended home.

fb page rock

Sender: A group of kids stood outside the salon while a blonde young lady and her chaperone came in and handed me a Love Rock! Just in time because I was going to go cut a hospice patient’s hair. I gave him the Love Rock and told him about the kids who brought it and about how they honor Abigail and Anna. He couldn’t talk but he held my hand and kept staring at the rock. I placed it on his bed next to him. Thank you kids for the Love Rock! His sister thought it was wonderful!!

Me: Thank you for sharing…very beautiful!!! Can you give your friend a hug from me…such a lucky man to be going to Heaven soon.

Sender:  I just got a call 20 min ago, my friend went to Heaven. It was meant to be that he got a Love Rock before leaving this world. I could tell it relaxed him. So happy I could share a Love Rock!

Me:  So beautiful….thank you so much for sharing this. So touching…I’m at a loss for words.

Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful stories with me.

I can’t stop thinking about the man who entered Heaven yesterday with a beautiful story about a lovely woman who brought him a Love Rock that was made by a child. I smile at the thought of my girls listening to his story and then showing him how to make a rainbow.

What a lucky man!

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Story in Heaven

  1. I love how far reaching the Love Rocks are and how many people have been touched by them! The UK will be Love Rocked by us next week! And then I hope we can finally have that long over due cup of coffee after we get back! Also looking forward to seeing you present Anna and Abby’s dance scholarship tomorrow!! ❤️❤️❤️


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