Anna and Abby’s Yard

anna and abby's yard

This morning I sat with my coffee at the park across the street and watched Linus play with his friend Stella.  They ran, played and were so happy to be free in this big open space. I closed my eyes and could see my girls running alongside them, laughing and being joyful.

This big open space is our canvas. We, with the help of many, will transform this park over the next year.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks to hear how you can help. We need to raise funds, gather volunteers, pull in resources and work together to create a park that honors the love that my girls had for playing in this space.

This space is Anna and Abby’s Yard!


11 thoughts on “Anna and Abby’s Yard

  1. I think Anna’s and Abby’s Yard needs a great big love rock in it!!! I can imagine people coming from near and far to get their pictures taken by it! Rock on!


  2. Would love to help in any way we can. Your girls love and joy will be felt as our community works together to transform that space. So excited to play in Anna and Abby’s Yard!


  3. Very excited to hear more about your vision for this space and looking forward to help make it happen!!
    So good to spend time with you last night.


  4. Love that park name! Makes my heart happy to think of all that will happen over the years in Anna and Abby’s Yard!


  5. What a truly beautiful project. I would love to help out however I can and in as many ways as I can. I am good at getting volunteers to work on projects. I am good at managing projects, after all, that’s my job and talent. I would love to offer physical assistance, but my body is wrecked since my hip surgery in June. So I offer you my brain, my words and my connections oh and my time.
    julie morse


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