I was upside down tonight, bear crawling from one end of the high school gym to the other, about to give up when her muscles came to my mind.

My Anna was strong and very athletic. She had muscles that I don’t think I have ever had in my entire life. Before school she liked to go do the monkey bars at the park, 5 times across both ways. She liked to skip bars and do fancy turns in the middle. When she was finished she always did 5 pull ups, perfect pull ups.

I am not going to give up because I want Anna to be proud of me.

I can be strong like Anna, heck we had the same genes.

My goal someday is to do a handstand just like this.

anna handstand

When I do ~ I know my girl will be proud of her mama.


7 thoughts on “Handstand

  1. You will succeed, because you have it in your genes. The same genes you share with Anna. So proud of you…❤️


  2. What a great athlete that Anna! You continue to stay strong Mom, I am so amazed at your inner strength. You certainly make your girls very proud:)!


    1. I love this story!! And that adorable, athletic little body. Thank for sharing all your stories! Maybe when we have our reunion on the coast we can all “attempt” to do handstands for Anna! Love you friend! ♥️💜💙


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