Wet Dog

One of our all time favorite books is Wet Dog by Elise Broach with illustrations by David Catrow, my all time favorite illustrator. I bought the book because David Catrow was the illustrator, I had no idea how much this little book would become a part of our nightly reading routine.


When Anna and I were on our own we would read five books each night before bedtime. Anna would choose four books and Mama would choose one. Wet Dog was always selected, some nights by Anna and if not Anna then always by me. I loved how it flowed and I love how Anna would laugh as I would read, “well, the too-hot dog in the too-hot sun just had to cool off somehow. So he heaved to his feet, and he sniffed the air, and he trotted off down the road…pat-a-pat, pat-a-pat, pat.”

I love this book, it always puts a smile on my face.

When we blended families we blended night time routines and many nights the girls would want Tom to read to them, he does have an English accent which always makes listening to a story delightful.

Wet Dog once again became a favorite as Tom read about this silly dog trying desperately to cool off in the too-hot sun. As Tom started to memorize the words on the pages his English accent always went Southern which made this mama laugh.  We all connected with this book and found that it brought so much laughter.

Yesterday I decided to get out the hose for Linus. He was a too-hot dog in the too-hot sun and he just needed to cool off somehow. He loved every minute of it especially when he came in the house and he “shook and he shook with a happy-dog smile, wagging his happy-dog tail…shaky-shake, shaky-shake, shake!”

linus waterWet Dog

6 thoughts on “Wet Dog

  1. What beautiful memories to hold forever. When I scrolled down to look at the pics of Linus I just laughed….thank you Susan, I so need more laughter in my life. Linus is just too gorgeous….I’d love to come visit you and Tami some day and huggle that gorgeous puppy all up.


  2. Wonderful entry! You have a gift of expressing words. I can feel Linus’s spray on my arms. I am sure there are smiles pouring from heaven.


  3. I read your blogs everyday and this touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. The pictures of Linus are amazing and always show so much doggie personality. This dog was sent to you from Heaven, no doubt hand picked by your girls. This blog shows him doing the job he was sent to do…making you recall the memories of a happier, love drenched time and bringing smiles through the tears. Treasure this guy. He is definitely a gift of love wrapped up in a dog.


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