First Day

Thinking about all of Anna and Abby’s friends today as they start a new year.



Our sad faces....we both knew that being a part was going to be hard.
Our sad faces….we both knew that being a part was going to be hard.


8 thoughts on “First Day

  1. I passed out my first love rock today. I saw a women and young girl walking together from a fruit farm. I handed the mother the rock with a short explanation. As I left them, I thanked Anna and Abby in my mind for the feeling of love I felt in my heart.


  2. I have been thinking of Abby on my first days at a new school…
    Knowing that she is here walking me through the confusing hallways and complicated classes makes it that much easier.


  3. Dearest Susan, I think about you every day as I read your words of hope, longing, pain, love and joy. May you feel God’s power, strength and peace, especially deep today, in your soul. As Anna and Abby’s friends walk to school today, we know that Anna and Abby are walking every “day” with our Lord and Savior, but it still hurts and you long for their touch. Thank you for the way you have reached out to so many and some who have never met you and seeing a glimpse of who Christ is. Thank you for your encouragement and care as you give hope to a hurting world. God’s BLESSINGS to you and Tom.


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