A Gift from Heaven

flowers 2

I stopped by to deliver a gift to my dear friend Shannon and her lovely family. They have been so supportive this past year and have continued to be present in our lives; through the love and joy and through the tears. Shannon and her family mean the world to us, I’m sure that’s why she was selected to be the messenger.

She seemed nervous at first, not really knowing how to even tell me about the gift she had for me. On the table I could see two flowers made of metallic paper and beads with stems made out of silver pipe cleaners. The flowers were presented in a beautiful yellow vase ~ I thought to myself, it looks like something my girls would make.

Shannon began by telling me she had a vivid dream of my Anna a couple of weeks back. My girl didn’t say anything (she usually doesn’t in my dreams either) but she gave Shannon two handmade flowers.

She went on and told me that when she woke up she knew that she had to do something. She searched and searched and couldn’t find the flowers, like the ones in the dream, anywhere. She laughed as she said she started away from Forest Grove ~ searching the stores she knew had artificial handmade flowers ~ nothing seemed right.

She then came back and went into our local antique shop where she found handmade flowers made from a local community member. They were perfect. She bought just two, like in her dream, and then put them in the vase for presentation. As she shared she laughed because she wasn’t sure about it all and checked with her daughter to make sure she wasn’t doing the wrong thing by giving it to me. Her daughter approved.

I was at a loss for words because I knew what was happening. Anna was giving me a Christmas gift from Heaven.

This beautiful handmade gift is not from my dear friend but rather from my Anna. Shannon’s gift to me was that she listened and was not afraid to be the messenger.  I think Anna knew that Shannon would do just that and in a loving and caring way, that is why she chose her.

Thank you so much Shannon for being Anna’s messenger and for being such an amazing friend. I love you so much!

My girls are celebrating the birth of Jesus today and they are in His presence. I can only imagine the Love and Joy they are feeling on this glorious day.


13 thoughts on “A Gift from Heaven

  1. I am so moved by this story! You and your loving friend are very special people and so blessed to have each other! I love that you said they were celebrating with Jesus in His presence! Such a lovely reminder for my own loved ones who have passed. I can now imagine them celebrating too! God Bless your girls and you!


  2. What a precious gift! Your girls are so creative in finding ways to show you how much they love you from Heaven. Love you and Tom! And God bless Shannon!


  3. What a beautiful gift from your sweet girl. And how wonderful that she was able to surprise you through such an amazing messenger!


  4. Such a wonderful gift Anna sent to you. And a big thank you to Shannon for listening so well to what Anna wanted to do for her momma. You have the most amazing angels and friends. I don’t believe in coincidence, Shannon was picked for that dream to be the earthly messenger that would do just what Anna was hoping for. Love you and Tom.


  5. Huge smiles! My heart is full of rejoicing in the Lord’s grace and goodness in allowing Anna to send you this gift through Shannon from her and Abby. Love you! Merry Christmas!


  6. Beautiful. Just beautiful.
    It can be hard to slow down and listen to the voice of Spirit. When we do, and when we follow up (even when it makes no sense), the rewards are great. Thank you for sharing. I love being part of sharing the Love and Joy with you. Blessings — many many blessings for all the beautiful work you do.


  7. I Believe in dreams and messages like this one😊😍😀 praise God for his gift and Jesus sacrifice! Have a wonderful Christmas knowing your girls are celebrating with him today!


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