Mother’s Day

Alice and MamaI can not take any more photos of Anna and Abigail on Mother’s Day but I can take a photo of where they met Jesus ~ at the base of the rainbow tree, their tree.  If I asked them to come home they would tell me they are already there. I rest in knowing that they are in good hands.

I miss them terribly and long for the day we are reunited.

Until then I will do my best to drench this little one, their baby sister, in love and to build a foundation for her that is rooted in God’s Love and Grace. His Love and Grace drenches me daily.

Being a mom to my kids is the greatest gift in my life. I do not take it lightly, nor will I ever stop mothering ~ no matter where my children call home.

I love you Emily, Ben, Abigail, Anna and Alice ~ to Heaven and back again and again and again.

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. So proud of the mother you are and have been from day one. Could not be more proud of you. Love you so much.


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