alice planeI am so happy to write that Alice’s first trip back to Ohio proved that she is just like her sisters ~ wonderful travelers. There were a few tears but overall she slept, ate and smiled her way across the country.

We had a wonderful visit with our family and with some dear friends. Once we arrived at my parents house I felt like I was on vacation and it felt great to just be and not feel like I had to do or go anywhere.

On our last full day Alice, my mom and I shared Anna and Abby’s Love Story and Love Rocks at a local middle school. This was truly a blessing and something we plan on doing again when we go back in the Fall.

On Tuesday we arrived home to the best dad and husband anyone could ask for. I told him that if he was thinking about bringing flowers, which he often does, not to worry because our hands would be full ~ I wasreally just wanting to fill our arms with each other. Tom, being amazing and fun, showed up with 8 balloons tied to his belt with arms free. Alice was thrilled ❤ She really missed her dad and so did I.

tom and balloons

Nana and Papa
Uncle Jeff
Ohio 1
Uncle Bill
Alice loved her oldest cousin Isabella. Warmed my heart to see these two together.
Alice was so into Blaise reading her a story. I love this photo so much!
Alice napping with Nana on the couch covered by the rainbow blanket she made.
Best friends since kindergarten.
Amy, Blaise and Alerik came to visit from Pennsylvania. So great to see their faces in person.
Love Rock ohio
We had the opportunity to share Anna and Abby’s Love Story and Love Rocks with Struthers Middle School. This was such a blessing on our trip.
Cousins ❤

Being in Ohio is wonderful but the void is deep when I am there. In my day to day life I have developed coping strategies and ways to survive the longing. When I’m in Ohio those strategies don’t seem to work as well ~ it feels like just yesterday that Anna, Abigail and I were headed there for spring break, it was just 4 visits ago.  With time, I pray, that I am able to develop strategies there too.

Aubrey and AliceDSC_1940

Easter Ohio
Cousins ❤ March 2013
older cousins
Cousins ❤ March 2013
Holden Anna
Cousins ❤ August 2013


6 thoughts on “Ohio

  1. Thank you for the memorable blessings you share about your daughters. My granddaughter and I find abundant joy in your message about your lovely girls, Abigail, Anna and baby Alice.
    We make love rocks in honor of Abigail and Anna and it makes our hearts whole.


  2. Beautiful pictures & memories! So glad you were able to come back & enjoy your family & share Alice with everyone!


  3. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I have to say that the picture of Alice with your mom and dad is my favorite. The happiness just radiates from all of them. Love, Hugs and Prayers…….Always!


  4. Looks like a beautiful trip! I’m glad you can be surrounded by love when your coping methods are down. And the balloons tied to Tom’s belt was hilarious! Love it! ❤️


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