Happiness Journal

This is Abigail’s girl scout troop, her friends, and they have been planning and saving for years to go on an adventure/cruise together…Abigail was at the first planning meeting when they decided to go the summer before their freshman year. I remember Abigail talking about how far away it seemed and how hard it was to plan something so far in the future. She was very excited and so was I to see how much she would learn in the process of raising money and planning for something that meant so much to her!

abs friends.jpg

Today they are headed out on their trip, all with a special Love Rock in honor of their friend. They have lots of fun adventures planned ~ one of them will be connecting with a Girl Guide group in Mexico to show them how to make and share Love Rocks. I’m so proud of these girls and love them all very much ❤

Their love for Abigail makes me very happy ❤



2 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. Susan, this is so awesome! Such love carried around the world and shared with others! ❤️❤️❤️


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