Lucky Bunnies

I can tell stories about Abigail’s bunny B-Rab ~ how he used to live in the house, how he loved to hang out with the girls in their fairy garden, how a 10 yr old Abigail decided to give her bunny to Anna and how Anna used to sit in front of the house with B-Rab in the wagon advertising, “pet B-Rab for .25.”

The girls both are taking care of B-Rab in Heaven now ~ he arrived there shortly after they did.

Yesterday the light was just right in our room so I decided to take some photos of Alice and her bunny. It’s her favorite toy and she holds it very close most of the time.

She has lots of little stuffed animals ~ dogs, cats, bears, a pelican, kangaroo and even a buffalo.

Little B-Rab is her favorite and it makes me smile.

abs and b rabanna b-rabalice and bunny

2 thoughts on “Lucky Bunnies

  1. That is such a lovely and sentimental post! It made me smile to see your beautiful daughters and the love for rabbits.


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