Happiness Journal

Tom’s new job has him working most Saturday mornings which has been a shift for us. This morning he is home which allows me to get some early morning work done before a full day of activities.

We are slowly but surely finding balance.

Hearing these two reading and playing makes my heart so happy and so full of love!!

reading with dad.jpg

3 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. Thoughts, prayers and hugs sent from sunny Vermont! I have been making Love Rocks this morning to calm my anxious soul. A loved one is battling a horrible drug addiction and our hearts are breaking for him and our family. I know that God has all of us in the palm of his hand and we do not travel alone. Love peers through the darkest cracks of despair.

    Thank you for continuing to inspire me and remind me that LOVE WINS! and Life is PRECIOUS!

    Will also be sharing Love Rocks at a memorial celebration this afternoon in Dorset VT, for a dear man who suddenly passed away. I pray his family feels amazing love, support and God’s presence during their time of mourning and celebration of life.

    The greatest of these is LOVE!


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