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The Love Rock Story

Sometimes life brings circumstances that are completely out of your control. In those times, it’s important to remember the beauty in life, love​,​ and know​ing​ that God can​ — and will​ — bring a peace that surpasses all understand​ing​.

Love Rocks was inspired by two girls who ​lived with immense ​Love and ​Joy​. In their honor, we have chosen to s​hare that ​Love and ​Joy ​with anyone ​willing to receive it. Thank you for ​celebrating with us!

I have had a beautiful life filled with lots of laughter, smiles, lots of love, beautiful children, a wonderful dedicated and loving husband, solid friendships and a community that loves and supports their neighbors unconditionally.

On Oct. 20, 2013,  the unthinkable happened to my family.  My daughters, Anna (6) and Abigail (11) were hit by car in front of our house. Both girls went to Heaven that night without warning.

Tom and I have had to navigate grief that we wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Our house is now empty – no laughter, no dance parties, no morning cuddles, no fighting about homework or bonding over our favorite meal. Empty.

We decided shortly after the girls went to Heaven that we were not going to allow the tragedy of one night to define our girls’ lives here on earth and the life they were now living in Heaven. Their legacy would not be this tragedy but rather the love and joy that they poured out to everyone who knew them and hopefully everyone who would hear their story.

We did not have choice on whether they went to Heaven on October 20th.  We do, however, have a choice on how we live our lives honoring our Creator and honoring the lives of our sweet girls.

We choose Love and Joy! 

Anna’s and Abigail’s lives were full of so much love and so much joy. They had a way of lighting up a room with their presence and putting smiles on the faces of those they came in contact with. They loved each other dearly and they were definitely sisters – maybe not by blood, but by the way they knew exactly how to push each others’ buttons. Anna adored her sister and wanted to be around her all the time. Abigail loved her little sister and was annoyed by the fact that Anna wanted to be around her all the time. True sisters!

Anna loved horses, Abigail loved theater. Both girls loved to dance, climb, be with their friends and loved family time. They would prefer a game as a family over a movie any night -LIFE, UNO and Jungle Speed being their all time favorites.

They were beautiful beyond words, both on the outside and more importantly on the inside. They had giving hearts and loved to find ways in which they could help those in need. They were insightful, kind, nurturing and loving to all who had the honor of being in their presence, especially their friends.

In April of 2014, 6 months after the girls went to Heaven, Tom and I felt nudged to share a project that we as a family did for our wedding in June of 2011. The girls, Tom’s mom and I spent time cutting out fabric hearts from our favorite fabrics and then Mod Podging them to river rocks. We made one for each of our guests to take home and another one that would be written on by our guests for us to keep. These little rocks have held a lot of meaning in our house since our wedding day and are placed in various rooms so that we can enjoy them no matter where we are.

That little nudge to share took on a life of it’s own. On April 20th, I launched the Facebook Page, Love Rocks. I shared a bit of our story and our hope for spreading Love and Joy through these simple rocks and included a tutorial for how to make them.  Before pushing publish button, I had to come to terms with the fact that nothing may happen with this little idea of ours. I took a deep breath, said a prayer, and sent our idea out into the world.

What has happened over the past 5 months has been miraculous. Love Rocks have been shared in our little town, our state of Oregon, in neighboring states and in every other state in the U.S. Love Rocks have been shared in Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and Australia. I’m still waiting for a picture to be posted in Antarctica.

There are photos of Love Rocks in parks, on beaches, on The Great Wall of China, in front of the Eiffel Tower, on doorsteps, in hospitals, at weddings and at funerals, in a secured NASA facility and at Anna’s and Abigail’s tree.

There have been so many stories of how these little rocks with fabric hearts have found their rightful owner just when they needed it most. They have warmed hearts and brought so much Love and Joy to this world — so much more than we could have ever imagined when we felt nudged to share.

The inspiration for Love Rocks comes from Anna, Abigail, and our loving community that supported us and continues to care for us.  The outpouring of Love and the immense Joy that is felt throughout the world is their legacy –one filled with hope, light and laughter.

My girls lives were and are beautiful. They have taught so many how to live a love story and I am very proud to be their mom.

How to get involved:

To get involved find or make a Love Rock and spread love and joy. Give the rock to someone while doing an act of kindness for them, place the rock somewhere special for someone else to find or simply give the rock to someone and just let them know they are loved. You can write a little message on the back or just leave the heart to say it all.

I keep a bag of Love Rocks in my purse, in my car and I have a few in my jacket pocket. I have found so much pleasure in leaving these rocks in places people will find them. We took some to Seattle with us, I’ve left some on a long hike we did a couple of weekends ago and while getting my car fixed, I just left one on the counter at the dealership.

I smile at the thought of those who find them.

So, if you feel moved to join me in spreading love, get out your Mod Podge and go to the dollar store and buy a big bag of rocks and some fabric.

Love Rock How To

Supplies Needed: mod podge, small rocks, fabric, scissors and paint brush.

Supplies Needed: mod podge, small rocks, fabric, scissors and paint brush.

1. Cut fabric hearts 2. Paint mod podge onto top of rock.  3. Place heart on rock and paint mod podge over entire top of rock including fabric 4. Share Love and Joy!

1. Cut fabric hearts
2. Paint mod podge onto top of rock.
3. Place heart on rock and paint mod podge over entire top of rock including fabric
4. Share Love and Joy!

After giving or receiving a Love Rock, log onto and share your story or pictures of your creative placements.

If you just don’t have the time to make your own Love Rocks visit Anna and Abigail’s tree. There is a basket of rocks already made just for you. Please take a few and spread the love. I promise it will come back ten fold.

Love Rocks Frequently Asked Questions

~ Where can I buy a Love Rock? A finished Love Rock is not something you buy but rather make on your own or find.

~ When I find a Love Rock can I take it with me? Yes, Love Rocks are something that is put out into the world for others to find. Some people like to take them, others will take a photo and leave it behind for someone else to find and some just like to feel the love that was left and then leave it for others.

~ When I place a Love Rock how can I guarantee that will be posted on the Facebook page? Unfortunately there are no guarantees on whether or not your Love Rock will be posted on Facebook when found. You increase your chances if you make sure to let people know about the Facebook page by either putting it on the back of the rock or leaving one of the cards (found below in Love Rock Resources).

~ Where can I buy the supplies for Love Rocks? Best place to buy polished rocks are at the Dollar Tree, you get a bag of 20 for $1. All the other supplies can be found at Walmart, Joann Fabrics or Michael’s.

~ What is the best way to cut out the hearts?  I have found the best way to cut out hearts is to cut your fabric in 1 inch strips and then fold it long ways. I then, with a very sharp pair of scissors, cut half of a heart on the fold. I can cut a lot of hearts out of one strip of fabric and once I get going it moves along rather quickly. Having sharp scissors really helps.

~ Where can I buy a Love Rock kit? You can buy Love Rock kits and other handmade items at our online store at All proceeds of sales will go to the Anna and Abby Memorial Fund which will fund the memorial playground built in their honor, Anna and Abby’s Yard.

~ I love this idea and would like to start my own Facebook page for my community, do you mind? I have been asked a number of times, with good intentions, if people can open a separate Love Rocks Facebook page specific to their community. I would ask that you don’t do this for a couple of reasons. Love Rocks are not community specific but rather travel across communities, states and even into other countries. I have gotten post from people who have traveled to Oregon, Las Vegas, Virginia and even Mexico (just to name a few), found a Love Rock and then went back to their hometown and shared it with someone else. Opening up other sites would confuse people and also would make it difficult to track Love Rocks that travel. Second, this site means a lot to me and I love reading all the posts and messages of how Love and Joy are being spread by these little rocks with fabric hearts not them. It’s what I have and I know that my girls have a hand in all this love and joy.

~ When Love Rocks post on the Facebook page or when I send a personal message to the Love Rocks page, who am I sending it to? I am the only administrator for the Love Rocks page at this time so when you see a Love Rocks post it’s from me, Susan (Anna and Abby’s mom).

If you have a question that you don’t see here don’t hesitate to ask.

Love Rock Resources (feel free to print and share)

Love Rock Info Cards (front)

Love Rocks Info (back)


Love Rock Abbreviated Facebook info

Love Rocks Small Cards

Do Small Things…

I Love you to the Moon Cards (small)

Love Rocks Informational Flyer

Love Rocks Journal

Love Rocks Reflection Activity (write or draw)

Love Rocks Reflection Activity(short answers)


61 thoughts on “Love Rocks

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  3. My children are making a small bag of Love Rocks for each of their teachers for Christmas. We are making a bigger one for their class to remind the students to be kind to each other. I am praying for you 💙

  4. My sister told me about making her Love Rocks, I’m thrilled to say I’m just finishing up my 40th Love Rock! Everyone on my gift list will be receiving Love Rocks, along with your family’s story of strength and faith. I’m inspired beyond measure.

  5. I am so moved by your strength and love. Thank you for choosing love and for living by love. I would like to give some Love Rocks as gifts, but the people I plan to give them to are not Facebook users. Is it okay with you if I put the url of this page ( on the back of the Love Rocks instead of the referenced Facebook page? Please let me know. I want to honor your wishes as I help share the love of your girls.

    • Thank you Dawn for your comment. Yes, you can definitely put the url on the back of the Love Rocks or you can print off some of the little cards and give them with the Love Rocks…there are some with the blog address. Have fun and thank you for sharing the love ; )

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  7. I found a little blessing on our doorstop today and I’m thinking it was left by your mom. We were just putting an offer on your parent’s home last year around the time that your terrible tragedy happened. We pray for you and your family often and have found little reminders at the house of your girls :). I am in awe of your strength and fortitude and know that God is working mightily through you and your message. What a wonderful joyous day it will be when you are reunited one day in heaven with your girls :). When I look at this rock, I will be reminded to cherish each day that I am given, hug my son a little tighter and longer and thank God daily for his immeasurable blessings :) May God continue to comfort you and bless you as you spread His/your message of forgiveness and love :)

    • Kelly…thank you so much for your message. Your house, the house I grew up in, is such a place of love. It warms my heart that my mom put a Love Rock there…I’m sure it won’t be the last one you find. My strength comes solely from God ~ without Him I have no idea where I would be. He is so faithful and has given us so much peace. Thank you again for your message!

  8. I was visiting my parents resting place today. I felt very alone and missing them terribly. I was getting ready to leave and saw a love rock on the wall, it was like a hug from them. Thank you from seaford, va

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  10. I have a friend who’s Granddaughter is collecting rocks. I was wondering if you could send me one of your rocks along with info about ‘Love Rocks’
    BIGG HUGGZ AND PRAYERS to you and your family.

    • Hi Connie ~ you can find information on the Love Rock page of this blog and also on the Facebook page Facebook/lovedrenched. There is a tutorial on how to make Love Rocks there…it is very easy…all you need is rocks (which you have), fabric and mod podge.

  11. I found a love rock in the Circle Park of Jones Farm on Sunday, 10/19/2014. I was so touched by this little rock. I have a 16 year old granddaughter that was just admitted to an eating disorder hospital in Oklahoma. She is fighting a difficult battle. I will take this rock and story to her when I visit in December. Thank you so much for this small little miracle.

  12. My daughter received a Love Rock after the Reynolds High School shooting in June. That day tragic day changed our lives. Days later someone handed her a Love Rock. We have begun making and handing out our own Love Rocks to others. It feels wonderful to be doing something that brings a smile to others!

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  14. well, i am sitting here just bawling.. im so touched by this thoughtful and beautiful idea.. and am amazed @ ur family’s strength.. i am so sad for your loss and will most definitely be taking this beautiful message and passing it on.. i cant wait to deliver my love rocks.. sending love to you and your family from Windsor, Ontario, Canada!

  15. I am so inspired by your story! My sister from Forest Grove just told me about your loss and how you are coping with your pain. Please know that your love will be spread in Marshall, MI. This is wonderful.

  16. Hi I went camping with my husband and 4 year old daughter at paradise cove near Wheeler Oregon on the coast. As soon as I got out of the car I spotted the beautiful rock. My daughter always collect rocks and puts them in her rock garden so I got her out of the car and let her find the heart rock she loved it so much she slept with it in her bed in the tent. She now has it in her room so she can see it everyday. The first rock that didn’t make it in her rock garden. She found it 8/28/2014. Thank you for your spread of love.

  17. I found one on the brooklyn bridge NYC when i was visiting last week. Im from Australia and just looked it up, so special <3

  18. Starting to “drench love” around Illinois. I absolutely fell in love with the idea of this and am heartbroken for your loss. We will be going on a family vacation in a week and will spread some rocks while we are there. Thank you for loving all of Gods children so much. This will be a great activity for my 6th grade catechism class this year. <3

  19. We were passing along some of my daughter’s toys she was no longer using over Memorial Day weekend. We put them on our front lawn with a “Free Toys” sign. The next morning we found the toys gone and three love rocks on the front porch. I had never heard of them before. I put them on our mantel. Our hearts were so warmed. When a friend posted about them on Facebook months later and I realized they had a deeper meaning…it touches your soul.

    • Thank you so much for sharing Kim…it warms my heart that so many people are using this little gesture as a way of showing love. My girls I’m sure are smiling!

  20. I am passing out love rocks along with the many thank you notes our daughter has sent from Africa to her supporters here in the USA. Also plan to give some to family members and my hairdresser of many years.

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  22. We received the rock from Jordan’s grandmother a copule of days ago, during our vacation in Aruba.
    We really appreciate the message. We have to kids, Tomas who is turning 6 and Isabela who is three years old. We live in Bogota, Colombia and we felt touch by this powerful message. Tomas said that he wanted to have the rock on a special place in his room. Thank you so much for reminding us the importance of saying to others how much we loved them.
    Mauricio and Angela Largacha

  23. I have started making these for my softball team, and will be leaving in the dug out for others, My daughter and her friends have started making them as well.. so the love rock movement is way up here in SSM, Michigan..

  24. My husband and I spent the day at the Denver Zoo and as were headed towards the Primate exhibit. That is when my husband saw our love rock in a tree. We weren’t sure what it meant so we came home and did some investigating,. Wow what a wonderful idea!! We will now pass our love rock onto others in memory of our two baby girls. Thank you for such a wonderful idea!!! Blessed be all that find and/or receive these little tokens of love.

    Craig & Wendy

    • Thank you for sharing Craig and Wendy! It always amazes me that people are finding Love Rocks everywhere!

  25. I feel so much positive energy coming from you. You’re such a positive reminder why I enjoy my job and the people I encounter throughout life. My nieces and nephews will know and share love rocks. Love-drenched-life. :)

  26. One of the really cool traditions at our 4th of July party is doing a fun & inspiring craft–something that entertains people, gets them talking while being creative, and they have great little party favors to take home! This year, we’re making Love Rocks :) Our 2nd grade daughter also made them at church camp, and we received them from the Girls on the Run Car wash. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing idea!

  27. I received a beautiful “love rock” with my Mother’s Day package/gifts here in Glen Allen, VA. It came from my daughter in Forest Grove, OR. Know that the love lives on! You are a true inspiration!

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  30. I recently lost my sweet baby daughter. I have been doing small acts of kindness as a way to share her love with the world. I was so happy to find your blog and Love Rocks. Anna and Abigail continue to impact the word with love. Can’t wait to share some Love Rocks.

  31. I found my love rock this morning before the sun came out. My 9y/o daughter came to my bed and as I was readjusting to go back to sleep for a bit. I hugged my pillow and found a paper plate with a “cookie” and said to her who put a cookies under my pillow and she said…Mom its a love rock, now go back to bed!!!

  32. My 1st grade son made some Love Rocks and took them to his school to give out. He was so excited! We plan to take some with us on our trip to Sunriver in a few weeks. :-)

  33. I found a sweet little live rock in a garage elevator at Macy’s today in Hillsboro. I was on my way home from buying a shower gift for a new little coming soon to first time young parents. I’m passing it on to them as a heavenly sign of a healthy and blessed birth. What an inspiring surprise.

  34. I also lost a daughter many years ago. I left a decorated candle at your daughters’ memorial across from your home. I will certainly try my hand at love rocks. They would be so fun to give to my co-workers. Glad to know that you are so thoughtful to pass on this idea.

  35. I am so glad I was brought to your site by my daughter. Having lost a daughter as well, I know the pain of loss and the joy of helping others and spreading love. The only truly important things in life. I will be making these myself and with my kindergarten class. Blessings

  36. I will be making these with my second grade class and my daughters. What a lovely way to honor your daughters! Love drenched, indeed.

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    • I found you thru a blog post on Thought-Provoking Thursday. This broke my heart and made my day. What a beautiful testimony to the love of a family and our God. Bless you and your husband as you honor your girls and anticipate your reunion in heaven.

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