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The Love Rock Story

Sometimes life brings circumstances that are completely out of your control. In those times, it’s important to remember the beauty in life, love, and knowing that God can — and will — bring a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Love Rocks was inspired by two girls who lived with immense Love and Joy. In their honor, we have chosen to share that Love and Joy with anyone willing to receive it. Thank you for celebrating with us!

I have had a beautiful life filled with lots of laughter, smiles, lots of love, beautiful children, a wonderful dedicated and loving husband, solid friendships and a community that loves and supports their neighbors unconditionally.

On Oct. 20, 2013,  the unthinkable happened to my family.  My daughters, Anna (6) and Abigail (11) were hit by car in front of our house. Both girls went to Heaven that night without warning.

Tom and I have had to navigate grief that we wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Our house is now empty – no laughter, no dance parties, no morning cuddles, no fighting about homework or bonding over our favorite meal. Empty.

We decided shortly after the girls went to Heaven that we were not going to allow the tragedy of one night to define our girls’ lives here on earth and the life they were now living in Heaven. Their legacy would not be this tragedy but rather the love and joy that they poured out to everyone who knew them and hopefully everyone who would hear their story.

We did not have choice on whether they went to Heaven on October 20th.  We do, however, have a choice on how we live our lives honoring our Creator and honoring the lives of our sweet girls.

We choose Love and Joy! 

Anna’s and Abigail’s lives were full of so much love and so much joy. They had a way of lighting up a room with their presence and putting smiles on the faces of those they came in contact with. They loved each other dearly and they were definitely sisters – maybe not by blood, but by the way they knew exactly how to push each others’ buttons. Anna adored her sister and wanted to be around her all the time. Abigail loved her little sister and was annoyed by the fact that Anna wanted to be around her all the time. True sisters!

Anna loved horses, Abigail loved theater. Both girls loved to dance, climb, be with their friends and loved family time. They would prefer a game as a family over a movie any night -LIFE, UNO and Jungle Speed being their all time favorites.

They were beautiful beyond words, both on the outside and more importantly on the inside. They had giving hearts and loved to find ways in which they could help those in need. They were insightful, kind, nurturing and loving to all who had the honor of being in their presence, especially their friends.

In April of 2014, 6 months after the girls went to Heaven, Tom and I felt nudged to share a project that we as a family did for our wedding in June of 2011. The girls, Tom’s mom and I spent time cutting out fabric hearts from our favorite fabrics and then Mod Podging them to river rocks. We made one for each of our guests to take home and another one that would be written on by our guests for us to keep. These little rocks have held a lot of meaning in our house since our wedding day and are placed in various rooms so that we can enjoy them no matter where we are.

That little nudge to share took on a life of it’s own. On April 20th, I launched the Facebook Page, Love Rocks. I shared a bit of our story and our hope for spreading Love and Joy through these simple rocks and included a tutorial for how to make them.  Before pushing publish button, I had to come to terms with the fact that nothing may happen with this little idea of ours. I took a deep breath, said a prayer, and sent our idea out into the world.

What has happened over the past 16 months has been miraculous. Love Rocks have been shared in our little town, our state of Oregon, in neighboring states and in every other state in the U.S. Love Rocks have been shared in Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and Australia and even Antarctica.

There are photos of Love Rocks in parks, on beaches, on The Great Wall of China, in front of the Eiffel Tower, on doorsteps, in hospitals, at weddings and at funerals, in a secured NASA facility and at Anna’s and Abigail’s tree.

There have been so many stories of how these little rocks with fabric hearts have found their rightful owner just when they needed it most. They have warmed hearts and brought so much Love and Joy to this world — so much more than we could have ever imagined when we felt nudged to share.

The inspiration for Love Rocks comes from Anna, Abigail, and our loving community that supported us and continues to care for us.  The outpouring of Love and the immense Joy that is felt throughout the world is their legacy –one filled with hope, light and laughter.

My girls lives were and are beautiful. They have taught so many how to live a love story and I am very proud to be their mom.

How to get involved: 

Check out our website for at for a video tutorial.

To get involved find or make a Love Rock and spread love and joy. Give the rock to someone while doing an act of kindness for them, place the rock somewhere special for someone else to find or simply give the rock to someone and just let them know they are loved. You can write a little message on the back or just leave the heart to say it all.

I keep a bag of Love Rocks in my purse, in my car and I have a few in my jacket pocket. I have found so much pleasure in leaving these rocks in places people will find them. We took some to Seattle with us, I’ve left some on a long hike we did a couple of weekends ago and while getting my car fixed, I just left one on the counter at the dealership.

I smile at the thought of those who find them.

So, if you feel moved to join me in spreading love, get out your Mod Podge and go to the dollar store and buy a big bag of rocks and some fabric.

Love Rock How To

Supplies Needed: mod podge, small rocks, fabric, scissors and paint brush.
Supplies Needed: mod podge, small rocks, fabric, scissors and paint brush.
1. Cut fabric hearts 2. Paint mod podge onto top of rock. 3. Place heart on rock and paint mod podge over entire top of rock including fabric 4. Share Love and Joy!
1. Cut fabric hearts 2. Paint mod podge onto top of rock. 3. Place heart on rock and paint mod podge over entire top of rock including fabric 4. Write or mod podge a tag (found at the bottom of this page) on the back with so people know they found a Love Rock 5. Share Love and Joy!

After giving or receiving a Love Rock, log onto and share your story or pictures of your creative placements.

If you just don’t have the time to make your own Love Rocks visit Anna and Abigail’s tree. There is a basket of rocks already made just for you. Please take a few and spread the love. I promise it will come back ten fold.

Love Rocks Frequently Asked Questions

~ Where can I buy a Love Rock? A finished Love Rock is not something you buy but rather make on your own or find.

~ When I find a Love Rock can I take it with me? Yes, Love Rocks are something that is put out into the world for others to find. Some people like to take them, others will take a photo and leave it behind for someone else to find and some just like to feel the love that was left and then leave it for others.

~ When I place a Love Rock how can I guarantee that will be posted on the Facebook page? Unfortunately there are no guarantees on whether or not your Love Rock will be posted on Facebook when found. You increase your chances if you make sure to let people know about the Facebook page by either putting it on the back of the rock or leaving one of the cards (found below in Love Rock Resources).

~ Where can I buy the supplies for Love Rocks? Best place to buy polished rocks are at the Dollar Tree, you get a bag of 20 for $1. All the other supplies can be found at Walmart, Joann Fabrics or Michael’s.

~ What is the best way to cut out the hearts?  I have found the best way to cut out hearts is to cut your fabric in 1 inch strips and then fold it long ways. I then, with a very sharp pair of scissors, cut half of a heart on the fold. I can cut a lot of hearts out of one strip of fabric and once I get going it moves along rather quickly. Having sharp scissors really helps.

~ Where can I buy a Love Rock kit? You can buy Love Rock kits and other handmade items at our online store at All proceeds of sales will go to the Anna and Abby Memorial Fund which will fund the memorial playground built in their honor, Anna and Abby’s Yard.

~Where can I buy a Love Rocks t-shirt or hoodie? We have decided to use a fundraising t-shirt company called Teespring. Log on to their site, or, and you can order a t-shirt or hoodie. We have raised over $7,000 for Anna and Abby’s Yard from our Teespring campaigns. Wear the love!!

~ I love this idea and would like to start my own Facebook page for my community, do you mind? I have been asked a number of times, with good intentions, if people can open a separate Love Rocks Facebook page specific to their community. I would ask that you don’t do this for a couple of reasons. Love Rocks are not community specific but rather travel across communities, states and even into other countries. I have gotten post from people who have traveled to Oregon, Las Vegas, Virginia and even Mexico (just to name a few), found a Love Rock and then went back to their hometown and shared it with someone else. Opening up other sites would confuse people and also would make it difficult to track Love Rocks that travel. Second, this site means a lot to me and I love reading all the posts and messages of how Love and Joy are being spread by these little rocks with fabric hearts not them. It’s what I have and I know that my girls have a hand in all this love and joy.

~ When Love Rocks post on the Facebook page or when I send a personal message to the Love Rocks page, who am I sending it to? I am the only administrator for the Love Rocks page at this time so when you see a Love Rocks post it’s from me, Susan (Anna and Abby’s mom).

If you have a question that you don’t see here don’t hesitate to ask.

Love Rock Resources (feel free to print and share)

YOU ARE LOVED / LOVE-ROCKS.ORG To use on the back of the Love Rocks   To use on the back of Love Rocks!

LOVE ROCKS :FB  To use on the back of Love Rocks!

Love Rocks Small Cards

Do Small Things…

I Love you to the Moon Cards (small)

Love Rocks Journal

Love Rocks Reflection Activity (write or draw)

Love Rocks Reflection Activity(short answers)

180 thoughts on “Love Rocks

  1. I was at my Niece’s graduation party in Poway, CA and found one of the Love rocks at the park we were at, I’m sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your husband.


  2. My best friend and I found a love rock yesterday. The day after an awful tragedy in orlando. My best friend is a lesbian. We were on our way to get matching tattoos. I saw it, and knew it was a sign!
    Found on 185th and Baseline in Aloha, OR


  3. My former teaching partner passed away this week from cancer and our past students are looking for a way to remember and honor him. We’re going to make tons of these to share at his memorial and spread the love. Thank you for sharing your story with the world. ❤


  4. I feel deeply for your loss, but am inspired by your story to spread love and peace to those who need it.
    I truly believe that one random act of kindness can turn someone’s whole day, week, month, year or life around. I myself experienced this in a different way this past week, and something so small to someone can really be so big to another, in a good way. I wish I had known about this 2 weeks ago, as this would have been something to give out at my grandma’s celebration of life, as she was such a kind and caring woman, it would have been something she would have wanted to help spread around.
    My youngest daughter who loves rocks, has a birthday on Tuesday and I couldn’t think of a better gift that love rocks to give or leave for others to share the love that she has in her heart.
    I also am a Girl Scout Co-Leader, and I think our Daisies would learn a lot from this.
    Thank you so much for starting something so wonderful.


    1. Cindy…we have a patch for girl scouts and if you would like to set up something where I can speak to your girls I would love that. If you are local I can come to you or if not, we can facetime or Skype. I love sharing my daughters love story and all about their legacy of love and joy ❤


  5. Christ the solid rock I stand; all other ground is sinking sand. Matthew 7:24 I pray I witness your reunion with your girls when Christ comes again. I received a beautiful little rock with a green heart (green for growth). I had not heard what had happened to your family until I researched what this beautiful little rock could possibly stand for. I have 7 kids in my family; I could not fathom losing a one of them. Reaching out in love through Love Rocks is a beautiful way to acknowledge your baby girls by honoring their memory through our blessed Jesus Christ. What a beautiful ministry that God is using you through the ocean of tears by securing your hearts and minds on the rock of salvation. Blessings upon blessings by yours through Jesus Christ our Savior.


  6. Hi im jane. I was sufing the wed when i found your wedsite. I love arts and crafts so im makeing me some love rocks and spreading 26 i just made ware ever i go in california sacromento. I hope the hole in your hart from your childeren being gone is eased a little by the love rocks. Maybe one day it might heal to that de nice some one so stong as you are id think you would be okay one day. It might stop hurting beacuse you have filled your self with so meany others love. I hope so. Have a good day!


  7. My 4 year old daughter and I were at Starbucks in San Diego, CA today, we sat at a table where a beautiful love rock was left behind. I posted about it on my face book and instagram and someone found the link to your blog here. I am so terribly sorry for your loss, i recently lost my husband to suicide in October 2014 and then my dad to a car accident in August 2015. Grief is paralyzing. Thank God I have huge support and love around me at all times and a God who sees some amazing plan for us! Your story and your love rock couldn’t have come at a more comforting moment this morning. Thank you for sharing and passing the LOVE!


  8. Love Rocks and your web site Love Drenched Life is making its way around Nelson, BC. One elementary teacher is suggesting it for Valentine’s Day. You know my sister Shauna and my nieces Amelia and Stella very well, even though we have not met. I think of you and your family often and sometimes daily. I have a young son and am a high school teacher as well. Cheers in 2016 from Nelson BC Canada!


  9. We’ve had some stressful issues going on at home and it has been a rough couple of months. So I went to work this morning and stopped to pump some gas and found a love rock on top of the pump. It made me smile and feel like I was really meant to find it. As I got back in the car and told a friend about it she sent me the link to your incredible story. I sat in the parking lot and read it and wept. Now I am extra grateful to have found this and plan to share with someone else. My heart breaks for your loss, but I am so impressed you have found such a loving and positive way to honor your beautiful girls. Thank you for spreading love and making me, an ordinary gal from Hilliard, Ohio, feel important today.


    1. Nikki thank you so much for sharing and I’m so glad a Love Rock found you at the time you needed it most. I also love that you are in Ohio…that is my home state and I always miss my family so much during the holidays. Knowing that there is love and joy being spread there warms my heart. ❤ Sending you love and prayer!


  10. Hi, my name is Jane. I really love collecting rocks. I don’t know why it just fills me with joy when I find a pretty rock to add to my collection. I was messing around on Google and tipped in lover of rocks. This page was the first one at the top of the page. So I clicked on it wondering if it was some one who liked rocks and made a page. I read the story it was touching. All most made me cry. It’s funny my life is really stressful right now. I’m in collage and its my first semester. Its finals week and for the cherry on top I’m sick as well. This page made me smile and I want to join in helping with spreading the love rocks. Once this semester ends ill start getting ready to make some. For now ill pick up round rocks for this project. Thank you very much.


      1. It was nuthing i like the idea a lot but just dont know if it will go off and spread in california. Not shear but ill try one rock at a time ill but a love rock down find another in the same area and make that i love rock too. Till that is i run out of mod podge but i got a big one 10 dollors. Well and i water down the mod podge before i use it. Its easyer to spread and goes farther. Iv made a set of 26 going to try to keep that number of love rocks on me. Have a nice day!


  11. Touching story, after finding a love rock here in Sunriver OR I felt it was a must to explore this. To my surprise it was worth it. Now I will keep this love rock going!


  12. Tonight we (my fianc’ee, our 3 kids, and myself) found a Love Rock! Wow! I really love the testimony of what you all have started! What an amazing act of faith and strength that is within you all—thank you for sharing it! We believed that tonight was the last night of the season for our fave local ice cream shop (Dairy Kastle), so we had to make a stop. We walked across the street to the church and sat to enjoy our ice cream—which is where a lot of people do the same. While sitting there, our youngest daughter (8 y/o) found a Love Rock!!! We were super excited! However, the funny part about it is that my fianc’ee who was with us, is a sculptor, and a major part of what he is does is sculpts rocks (fountains, walls, monoliths, etc), and his initials happen to be “FB”…on the backside of the rock it said “Love Rocks, FB”. So, I automatically thought that he had placed it there for either our kids or someone else to find. I was convinced that he did it because it is very much something that he would do. He just kept playfully saying “shhhhh” with his finger over his mouth. Once realizing that the “FB” was facebook, I thought that I would check it out. Thank you for this amazing gift—-it is waaaay more than I expected to find! Your love and light is sooooo needed! We also believe in the power of Prayer. We are on the same mission! ***I am sorry that you all have this cross to bear and will pray for both of you & your healing*** Much Gratitude, Carmella P.


    1. Thank you so much Carmella for sharing and I love that he went along with the FB part…sounds like a fun guy! I’m so glad a Love Rock found your family tonight ❤ Thank you for your prayers…we feel them.


  13. Though my heart aches for you and your family I know that God is so fortunate to have your lovely daughters in heaven.Today was our grandson’s fifth birthday. Our 4 grandchildren age 5 – 10, gave us 3 love rocks and a doodle rock. The universe works. We learned today that our 3 year old nephew was diagnosed with leukemia. Thankfully it is the kind that has a high cure rate. I know his parents must be distraught. I will make them a bag of love rocks. We welcome prayers for our family’s little guy Fritz. Bless you and thank you in advance for your healing prayers. Love and Blessings, Michelle and Scott


  14. I’m going to get the supplies to let the children make them at our next P.T.S.O meeting. I’m really excited about it. I love the idea someone mentioned about setting up a table at recess at the school. I might look into that too. Thank you so much for listening to the God whisper to share the love of your daughters to others. It is a beautiful thing you have done.


    1. Thank you Misty…let us know if you need anything or have any questions. I have a table in my office at school…the kids love it.


  15. We found a Love Rock at Cooper Mountain Nature Park on a bench. We thought about the 2 girls who are now angels and left the rock for someone else to find and delight in. Thank you to whomever left the rock!


  16. This is simply the most beautiful tribute. Balm for the ache of loss.
    I haven’t found a “love rock” yet… but last May my husband was diagnosed with a rare aggressive form of cancer. We have four daughters. He couldn’t travel comfortably so we took short drives to a favorite outdoor place. The first trip I found a heart shaped rock. And every trip out there, until he went to heaven, I found a heart shaped rock. I have them in a special place. I think my girls and I will make some of these live rocks and spread them around. Thank you for sharing your heart.


    1. I am so sorry fro your loss. I also find a lot of heart shaped rocks…my favorite Love Rocks are those made using the natural Love Rock. Sending you love and prayers ❤

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  17. IIJI found a love rock today in Salem Oregon amounst the rocks at my apt complex. I saw it in the morning and didn’t pick it up. I than ran some errands and while I was out my car broke down. I was distressed because I’ve been going through a stressful time. While I was waiting for a Ride I looked at my facebook and while scrolling I found that a friend had liked the love rock page. I clicked interested. And I knew immediately that what I had seen earlier was one. When I made it home I went to see if it was still there and it was. I picked it up and on the back side ‘perfection is not required’ was written. This could not have come at a better time for me. Thank you.


  18. Wow…I’m in Shock. Today is the first time I am hearing of this trend, and this realization comes to me at a very crucial moment in my life. I work at a restaurant as a waitress and I got this rock a couple of weeks ago, a customer had left it on a table as a tip. I didn’t really put too much thought to it, I had been taking double shifts and I was really stressed with a lot of things lately that I quickly put it in my apron and cleaned the table. When I got home, it was late at night and I was exhausted so I threw it in my jar full of change I get from tips.
    I’m starting my freshmen year at the U of O very shortly, and money is very tight on me and my parents. Not to mention the fact that my mom is sick right now and has a lot of medical bills/ debt, and I have been trying to slowly pay that off because I want her to be healthy and happy. I feel like a lot of things are happening and I feel this weight on my shoulders that is just bringing me down. It is really hard to take care of her and work and pay bills, when I’m about to start a new chapter in my life. I’ve been praying to God and asking for guidance and strength, to lift me up on the days I just want to give up and lay down. This rock has giving me exactly what it stands for, joy. I will keep with me forever.

    Thank you to whoever left this as a tip. My heart is heavy from all the stories I’ve read on here and from the emotion this rock has evoked from me. And even though I got this rock weeks ago I feel like I wasn’t meant to truly learn its meaning until now.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing you story and welcome to the Love Rock community. Jenice…if you would like some Love Rock kits to take to school with you this Fall to share love and joy around UofO please send me a message on alovedrenchedlife@gmail with your address…I would love to give them to you ❤ Susan


  19. This is a lovely tribute! I’m making them for class of 4th graders. They will be able to take them home, or hide them for someone else to find. I can’t wait to share your story and get going on this!


  20. Hello – my daughter Autumn found a beautiful yellow polka dot love rock on July 23rd at Lava Beds National Monument in Northern California, close to the entrance of the Mashpot Cave. We thought it was so lovely- but I made her put it back because I didn’t know if it was part of something bigger.

    This is such a wonderful way to spread love; I will be making some soon with my girls to share. Thank you!!


  21. My kids made 38 Love Rocks today, which we will spread around Yellowstone & the Tetons next week. With every one placed, we will remember your girls. I hope God has enveloped you in His arms of comfort and peace and that you are confident in knowing your girls are safe in His arms. Much love from former Grover’s. XOXO


  22. It is absolutely amazing to me to receive this Love Rock today! I have been dealing with a lot lately and just found out my mother in laws cancer has spread to her brain.. So getting the love rock today was surreal.. my daughter and I will be making some and sending the love as well! Thank you to whoever left it 🙂


  23. Wow!!! My friend has been in deep times of despair. She was at Chinook winds casino. She found one at the perfect moment. I am a domestic abuse survivor. God stopped me from ending my pain. Thank you for your inspiration.I will be making our own for my two baby boys and I to spread love on our adventures. I will make sure to put love rock’s fb on them to lead back to you. Wow. Increadible. I am still crying from happiness. Beautiful.


    1. Thank you for sharing Elyse…so glad you have connected with our community. You will find that once you start making and sharing Love Rocks it’s hard to stop. Let me know if you have any questions ❤


  24. I seriously adore this idea and post! I am now following your blog as well, would love some follows back, yeah for a great idea and love and yeah for Oregon, love my state SO much!


  25. Hi Susan – Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve ordered some of the matt to try along with a spray. It’s been a wonderful project to share with others. When I have more ready, I’ll post a photo on Facebook. Take care and God Bless.


  26. I have a question… just started making some rocks to pass into the world. I don’t think the Mod Podge will hold up if it’s left outside and gets rained on, since I’ve soaked the sealant off when I don’t like how it turned out. What has been your experience with the Modge Podge Luster Gloss? Should I try using another sealant for outdoor use?


    1. Eileen…I usually use the matte finish modge podge and it seems to work great. We have Love Rocks out by Anna and Abby’s Tree that have been there for a very long time and they have held up great. Heat is more of an issue because the modge podge tends to get tacky and turn white if too hot. I also try to place them protected from the elements…ledges under an awning or under shelter of some sorts. The matte finish makes the rocks look more natural I think. Hope this helps ❤


    2. Eileen,
      I wasn’t sure if my “Love Rocks” would hold up in the elements or not either but, I recently made a trip back to Illinois and after a year … 3 “Love Rocks” that I left in a Cemetery through a HARD Central Illinois winter and a VERY SOGGY spring, the rocks prevailed! All that was missing was the writing on the back of each rock.
      I do BELIEVE that it is ALL b/c, LOTS of LOVE went into making my “Love Rocks” and the intention of each rock that, is placed into the World is what holds them together.
      (I think Ms. Susan would TOTALLY AGREE too)


  27. We found a love rock in the sand, on the beach in Duck, NC on June 13, 2015. It was our last morning of vacation and we got dressed up in matching pastel outfits and had my parents take a family picture of my 3 little boys, my husband and I. I only thought to look it up on FB now. We took a picture (but it came out really blurry) and left it there. My husband was the one who found it and thought it best to leave it, not knowing anything about the rock’s origin. I’m so saddened to read about your story, but I love what these rocks stand for and am going to share it with my sons in the hopes that we can make some of our own rocks and leave them places for other people to find. Your story and your girls have possibly created a new family bonding experience for us and a way to show unconditional love for people we don’t know and never met. I’d say that is God’s work. Bless you and your family. I will be praying for your family.


  28. I found a love rock on March 11 2015 in between two doors of the restrooms at my job in Beaverton, Or. I looked towards it, and while on my way out I picked it up and looked at the beautiful polished rock. There was a red heart on the rock and on the bottom It said “I love” I did not take the rock, but I really wanted it. I knew it was a sign from my beautiful daughter, for you see, she lives in heaven (my only child ) Feb 06 2014. My daughter loved rocks. and life. I looked for the site, however I could not find it. Tonight I found this site, now I believe your daughters and mine had sent me this sign.


    1. No doubt it was specifically for you Dana. Thank you so much for sharing…sending you love and prayers. ❤


  29. Just a thoughy for all. Not here but many times I have heard people say why did God have to take someone. It has always been comforting to Me to look at it as they just chose the time they wanted to go be with God, He is to Loving to take someone away from Loved ones. A old Vietnam Vet.


    1. Thank you Ron. I know that God grieves along side us. I feel His kindness and love every second of every day.


  30. Susan, I mentor a young woman who was a victim of human trafficking. I often do projects with a group of the ladies, and this sounds so perfect for them! Recovery is hard. And society isn’t always kind. This will bring them joy to make and to “plant” Love Rocks 🙂 These women are so loving, even while they are battling their own demons.
    Thank you for being so brave and loving ❤


  31. Two Love Rocks were sent to me. My husband is in Hospice and my son was in the emergency room with atrial fib. I thought my world was falling apart. I didnt know what Love Rocks were until I looked on the internet. Now I look at my Love Rocks every day and realize someone is sharing my pain. I am going to make Love Rocks and share.


  32. This is a beautiful thing. I found out about them a couple of years ago when a friend placed one on my porch railing. It is still there and I think of her and her family every time I see it. I crochet. I wanted to make love rocks but decided to make them using my love of crocheting. I crochet a heart motif with crochet thread and then crochet around it and create a cover for the rock. There’s a crochet artist who authored a book on creating sea-like coverings for stones and using them in decorating. There was one free pattern in a blog I read. I used the technique to create a web around the heart. Now, I hand out these Love rocks to people in honor of your girls. I sent one in a package to my mother last week. She got it on Easter Sunday and was blessed. She had been hoping to find one some time and was thinking of making some. She was blessed. Thank-you for starting this neat idea. I look forward to scattering more rocks around my community. I like to combine love rocks and yarn bombing. 🙂


  33. My teenage grandson and I found a love rock today when we were walking into the mall He has been going thru a difficult time as his parents are getting a divorce and me as a nana am raising two teenage granddaughters which is really trying and frustrating. We left it when we went in and it was still there when we came out so we felt it was meant for us This is such a great thing and hope I can bless some one else as I feel blessed


    1. Thank you so much for sharing. I always say Love Rocks find those who need them the most. So glad you found yours ❤


  34. I have a unique story. I found my father after over 40 years. I went to the post office to mail off pictures to my dad for the first time from Beaverton Oregon and I found a love rock it had glitter on it so beautiful. wasn’t sure if I should take it but it meant something to me. in memory of my dad seeing my pictures for the first time. so I took it and gave it to him when I saw him for the first time. then a week later found one at my job. I’m passing the mall now. I’m glad both of you have came into my life. thank you


    1. What a beautiful Love Rock story Tammy…thank you so much for sharing. Much love and joy to you and your dad!


  35. I just wanted you to know that around 6pm yesterday in Hawaii (specifically in a Starbucks off of Kuakini Hwy and Henry) I came across a love rock. I wasn’t sure wetter to take it or not as I was worried it may have been someones…. I did hold it for a period of time waiting for my drink and then sat it back down where I found it. After flying back in this morning I looked at your website. I wish I would have taken it so I could pass it on, but I like to think the way it played out is the way it was meant to be…. maybe someone physically needs it more than I do, but withiut a doubt i definitely felt something finding it , and it’s still resonating within me… after reading your story and what it means, I know I was meant to come accross it ♡ thank you for your gift…. God bless you and your family


    1. Thank you so much Danielle for sharing your Love Rock story. I hear that a lot…people don’t pick up the Love Rock because they’re not really sure exactly what it is. I would love to send you a Love Rock…my email address is Send me your address and I’ll get one in the mail to you. Maybe that is the way God intended this to work out…you find a Love Rock, leave it for someone else and then connect with me to get your own personal Love Rock. Blessings!


  36. This is an amazing labor of love and the perfect way to commemorate the lives of two adorable angels who were taken too soon.

    It has been a trying time for me lately and I have to smile through a lot of emotional pain. This morning I was thinking of the loved ones I have lost who have had a great impact on my life. I miss them.

    One of them was a woman who I considered a chosen sister. Her name is Sandy. She was one I could talk to when I was low or rejoyce with when I was happy. We shared so much and trusted each other with what lay deep inside our hearts. The one year anniversary of the day she crossed the bridge to the Promised Land is coming up and I find myself thinking about something she asked of me. She asked me never to forget her. But how could I when she has given me so many gifts and taught me about the kind of woman I want to be when I grow up?

    This afternoon at work my boss found a Love Rock on the candy counter. She thought it was “just a rock” and handed it to me to throw away. Then I got a good look at it and it brought a smile to my face. In a way I feel it’s Sandy letting me know she hasn’t forgotten our friendship either.


  37. My friend and I just found lots of them at South Beach yesterday and today.
    While we kept one and left the rest for others, we fell in love with the idea! We proceeded to pick up rocks on the beach and will be making our own Love Rocks to share.
    I had no idea this was for your beautiful girls. That makes them even more special!
    Thank you, we love the idea, the rocks and will continue to spread the love! ❤️😊💕


  38. Made Love Rocks with my Girl Scout troop back in Nov. Now, it’s an on-going project for the troop! The girls really get the concept of leaving love for someone else to find. I love that, too! ♥


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