Too Busy to Write…

…but not too busy to post a picture of my girls enjoying summer.


Every seasonal transition brings another wave of grief and sadness. Sometimes it’s similar to what I have felt before but sometimes, like this morning, it’s a new feeling of loss that overcomes me.

This morning, while shopping, I placed a Love Rock on the swimsuit stand next to the suit I thought Anna would like best. At that moment I remembered being so excited for summer with the girls ~ beach, water park, back yard water fights, lemonade stands, playdates with friends, snuggling on the couch on rainy days watching movies.

I used to live in bliss and sometimes, not very often, I would have a wave of true sadness. Now, I live in sadness and sometimes, not very often, I have waves of true bliss.

Bliss is the word I would use to describe my life before the girls went to Heaven ~ perfect happiness, great joy.

I know that my girls have bliss in Heaven and that is what I focus on now. That, and trying to figure out what swimsuit Anna would like at the age of 8 ~ probably not the one I picked out for her <3.

bathing suit


2 thoughts on “Too Busy to Write…

  1. I think about you and Tom and your girls with every changing season, every special holiday and I stop and say a prayer for peace in your hearts for both of you. I can’t really imagine the daily struggle of your walk through grief and loss. I keep lifting you up.


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