“Special Lemonade”

She was trying to raise some money for our trip to Ohio at the end of the summer. Our plans were to go to the American Girl Doll store in Columbus and she wanted to raise enough money to buy Saige, the doll of the year. She asked if she could have a lemonade stand by herself so she wouldn’t have to split the money with anyone ~ smart girl. She made the lemonade and then picked some strawberries out of our garden to put in each glass, she called it “special lemonade.”

With her earnings, some allowance money, birthday money and a little help from her mom and nana she was able to do it and she was so proud of herself.


I look at this photo and my heart aches ~ I miss her and her sister so much!

I would do anything for a glass of her “special lemonade” today – instead I will head over to Dutch Bros. here in Forest Grove and get a large drink. Today they are donating $1.00 of any large drink to Ballet Forest Grove Dance Scholarship which was set up in Anna and Abigail’s honor and helps girls who want to further their dance education. We feel very blessed by Forest Grove Dance Arts and the wonderful instructors and students that have honored our girls these last 19 months.

I am so grateful that Anna and Abigail’s lives are honored in so many beautiful ways.

Still, I just wish I was drinking her “special lemonade” and looking into those beautiful blue eyes today as she tells me about all of her summer plans.


4 thoughts on ““Special Lemonade”

  1. The other day I was cleaning a drawer that we put all our change in. As I held a roll of quarters memories of Anna consumed me. I remember that summer visit so vividly and her excitement to go to the American Girl store in Columbus.
    I gave her a box of change and we rolled coins together to add to the money she was saving for her doll. She was so excited when we got the paper bills from the change. Over and over we counted her money I loved her excitement and how she so neatly put it in her little wallet for her trip to buy her Sage Doll. Her Mama asked her if she wanted to give any of her money for the poor children and without hesitation she took money from her wallet and put it aside to take back to Oregon. Miss my sweet little girls so so much.


  2. Love how she set her goal and was able to get her American Girl doll. She is such a beautiful little girl, inside & out. Got my Dutch carmelizer this afternoon!


  3. I love strawberry lemonade. What a sweetie! We are getting our Dutch tonight after ballet in honor of your amazing girls. ❤️


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