Happiness Journal


Today is the last day of school in our community. Today is the last day of 2nd grade for Anna and 7th grade for Abigail. I look at their friends and see a huge change from last year to this year ~ both physically and emotionally.

Today at Anna’s school I helped run the Love Rocks station during field day. I showed a group of Anna’s friends some photos I keep in my Love Rocks bag, photos of Love Rocks placed around the world and of Anna and Abigail. One, a picture of Anna doing a killer handstand on the beach, prompted one of Anna’s friends to say, “I really miss her a lot.”

Spending time with my daughters friends makes my heart happy and at the same time makes me miss my girls so much. I choose to spend time with them so I can stay connected; and sometimes I can’t help but think it allows them to stay connected too.

Happy Summer Memories! 

Family Vacation 2013 ~ Orcas Island
Family Vacation 2013 ~ Orcas Island
Abigail going for it!
the talk
Anna telling me that I need to go next.
Mom going for it!
Mom going for it!
Anna telling us she will definitely jump next year, just not this year!

3 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. I love that you have stayed connected with your girls schools. It is such a positive thing for everyone involved: the students, the teachers, you. Love, Hugs and Prayers……….Always.


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