Happiness Journal

“Say Cheese!”

That is what I said right before I took this photo.

Their relationship makes me happy today.

say cheese.jpg

Life has been extremely busy for our family the past few months. Starting next week everything slows down and I am taking a break and regrouping for the rest of the summer (more on that in a later post).

Until then, we are making the final preparation for the Love Rocks Run, which is happening this Saturday, and making sure these two are loved and cared for.

Happiness Journal

I’ve finding the simple things in life are what I’m holding on to these days.

first master piece.png

This piece of beautiful art made by my youngest makes my heart very happy today and will be cherished forever.

Happiness Journal

Daydreaming while nursing Alice is what I found myself doing today and it made my heart happy…I spend a lot of time daydreaming about Heaven but the “while nursing” is new.

Today I daydreamed about Anna and Abigail and how they would have interacted with their new sister. I’m sure there would be some fights over who was going to hold her first, the longest and/or how to hold her the right way.  I also know there would have been a lot of love, kisses and hugs towards the littlest girl in the house, a title I know Anna has gladly given over to her sister.

Today I am happy that I can daydream about these moments, but I will say, I do so with a very heavy heart.  There really is no words to how much I miss my girls and how much I wish our little one had the opportunity to be held by them. Knowing she will never feel that embrace breaks my heart.

babiesmama and alice

Finding time to sit and write is almost impossible right now.

With that said, I have so much I want to share about this new little one and about our life together. As I find time I will find my way back to this space ~ I promise.

For now though, I’m going to keep daydreaming about my girls and feeding/loving on  their little sister ~ two of my favorite past times.

Happiness Journal

On Dec. 27th, Abigail’s 14th birthday which happened to also be our first snowfall of the season, we welcomed Alice Lucille into our lives.

She is absolutely perfect in every way.

Thank you for your continued prayers ~ we feel them ❤

Happiness Journal

As the rain comes down today (and predicted to come down all week) this is the image I have in my head and it makes my heart heavy and happy at the same time.

My little puddle jumper. She hated to be cold and wet but once she was there she would sometimes let loose a little bit. puddles

Happiness Journal

I’ve decided that I want to be more intentional about posting in my Happiness Journal. I’m going to carry on Anna’s tradition every Friday by sharing what has made me happy the past week. As I sit and reflect each week on our love drenched life I want to make sure that I am remembering the little things that have brought a smile to my face. I found that through my grief sometimes those little things are what bring me back to the surface when I’m full of sorrow.

We lived a happy life and I have hope that happiness will continue.

Anna and Abigail taught us well.

love rocks 2

Spending the week sharing Anna and Abigail’s love story and sharing about Love Rocks with my students has filled my heart with love and happiness. I miss them so much and every chance I get to introduce them to someone is such a blessing ❤

This week was about focusing on my girl’s love and joy and moving my students away from the tragedy that happened in their neighborhood two years ago. My prayer is that when they hear my girl’s names or pass by their tree they remember the photo of Anna riding her horse and how she was a mamas girl or the that Abigail loved the theater and adored her friends and family ~ those are the details I want them to know and remember <3.

I want them to know that even in the saddest of times your heart can still feel love and joy!

love rocks 3

One of my students shared this with me today after making her Love Rocks, “Teacher Susan, this Love Rock I’m going to keep but this one, I’m going to share it with the world.”