Happiness Journal

Daydreaming while nursing Alice is what I found myself doing today and it made my heart happy…I spend a lot of time daydreaming about Heaven but the “while nursing” is new. Today I daydreamed about Anna and Abigail and how they would have interacted with their new sister. I’m sure there would be some fights over who was going toContinue reading “Happiness Journal”

Happiness Journal ~ Anna’s 9th Birthday!

Memories of a date night with my girl to plan her 7th birthday makes my heart happy today. We had milkshakes on our date to practice for the big day.  ❤ Anna’s 9th Birthday ❤ Celebrating my girl on her special day, spending time with her friends and feeling hugs from Heaven also makes me happyContinue reading “Happiness Journal ~ Anna’s 9th Birthday!”