Happiness Journal ~ Anna’s 9th Birthday!

Memories of a date night with my girl to plan her 7th birthday makes my heart happy today. We had milkshakes on our date to practice for the big day. Planning Anna's birthday Anna milkshake

❤ Anna’s 9th Birthday ❤

Celebrating my girl on her special day, spending time with her friends and feeling hugs from Heaven also makes me happy today.A birthday breakfastMorning gathering at Sugar Momma’s Bakery. Blessed by this crew who love our girls so much!A birthday cupcakeA birthday bellyThe little one decided to become really active during breakfast and everyone was hands on. Of course she fell back to sleep and no one felt her move.A birthday peanutsMid day movie to watch Peanuts. When school is in session and you take the day off for your friends birthday you end up being the only ones at the theater. Milkshake #11st milkshake of the day ~ Tom and I decided to share knowing we would have another with dinner. I actually only let him have a couple of sips…it was really yummy and I claimed the baby needed it more than he did.20151113_180338Dinner with friends and milkshakes all around. 20151113_180517It has been a beautiful day celebrating Anna with lots and lots of birthday love coming from lots of friends and family from all over. Thank you all for celebrating our girl today!!!

Tonight as I go to bed I am going to close my eyes and remember her sweet cheek pressed against mine. I love you Anna to Heaven and back again and again and again ❤ us

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