On the hunt for glasses…

Friday morning I found some treasure in Anna’s room. I’ve been looking for her glasses ever since the accident. I have no idea where they could possibly be. She was always so good at putting them in their case on my dresser…the case and the glasses are no where to be found. In the attempt to find them I decided to search the countless bags, purses and small containers that she loved to fill with everything but the kitchen sink. When she was playing babies, which she did daily, she would carry these bags around with her and stuff them with lots of randomness. Going through them now is very healing because I can only imagine what she was thinking as she filled these bags during her play. I am finding everything but the glasses.

While on this search I found her camera, the one she took pictures and video with. Yes, as seen on Facebook last week, she loved to hijack my phone and take videos of her friends and sister; but this little camera was with her all the time. She took pictures and videos of her friends and her siblings. The camera has a feature where you can add things to the pictures or distort the images. Some of them are really funny, Anna’s perfect little face with really big teeth or my face with a giant nose. I remember laughing at all the images she created while on our trip to Orcas Island this summer. 100_0171


She would also take it to bed with her, sneaking it under the covers until I went downstairs, and then would take video of herself lying in bed singing. This is the real treasure because I had no idea she was doing this. Sometimes it was dark, so all you can see is a little outline of her perfect little nose. I am so thankful for finding it, for being able to download it to my computer and for having these little glimpses of her life when I was not around. I miss my girls so much.

5 thoughts on “On the hunt for glasses…

  1. Susan, Thank you so much for sharing. I love this blog and can’t thank you enough for sharing this part of your life. It is such a blog of faith and love. Love you my friend…Your girls are beautiful beyond words.


  2. Thank you for sharing these precious gifts that you keep finding. It is so, so clear that your girls aren’t the only ones drenched in love. Their love for guys is so evident and God is being intentional as He wraps you all in His love right now. We are so grateful to know you and to be witnesses of this. xoxo


  3. Susan, that video is awesome. It seems like she’s getting tired, too, but can’t help herself from singing! My heart aches with this, and yet I’m happy for you that Anna and Abigail continue to send you messages of their love. Yes, they we’re love-drenched. But so are you; in their love. (And all of ours.) 💜


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