Best Friends Forever

When I was 5 years old I liked to “hang out” by the drinking fountain in my kindergarten class. Not exactly sure why I was “hanging out” there but I did along with another girl from my class, Laurie. One day we started chatting about boy in our class who we both thought was really funny (and cute). The hanging out turned into play dates at each other’s house, sleepovers whenever we could, spending everyday in the summer together, talking for hours on the phone, bike rides around town, family vacations, being dorm neighbors in college, discussions about meeting “the one”, shoulders to cry on when “the one” didn’t work out, distance but always knowing how to reconnect, being room mates in our 20’s, tropical vacations together, wedding day fun, celebrations of our first-born and more recently a shoulder to cry on after my tragic loss.  This girl, my Lu, is my friend that I’ve known the longest. She is my rock and I can not imagine my world without her.

Yesterday we both figured out that we had the ability to facetime each other, this is something new for Tom and I. As we were sitting there face to face through the lens of technology, we started making faces just like we would have done when we were kids. I began to laugh, in a way that only Laurie can make me laugh. We continued to do this for the next couple of minutes with hardly any words exchanged.

Over my lifetime her friendship has brought me so much joy, even in my darkest hours. She has always had the ability to know exactly what I need at the exact moment I need it. She is my “soul friend” and I am so glad we found each other that day at the drinking fountain.

This is where, if I had a scanner, I would insert some really great pictures from when we were young. Instead I will insert just one…my new favorite of us and our little ones. This picture and the memories it holds are some of my favorite, our most recent time together. It was such a great day.


Both Anna and Abigail have a “soul friend,” the one they laugh uncontrollably with and tell all their deepest secrets to. I am so thankful they were both able to enjoy this type of friendship in their short lives here on earth. I am also thankful that these two girls, McKenna and Paige, were given the opportunity to really know my daughters and all of their goodness. I often would tell Anna and Abigail that the friendship they had with Mckenna and Paige was just like my friendship with Laurie…it was going to last a lifetime (and beyond).

I know that every single day, for a very long time (if not for the rest of their days) these girls will have joy in their heart because of the friendship they have with my girls. This friendship is eternal and I know that my girls will ALWAYS watch out for their BFF. They are wearing their necklaces in Heaven.

My girls are lucky to have them and they are lucky to have my girls.

Anna and McKennaIMG_2532 DSC_0086 IMG_8482 IMG_0341IMG_5335IMG_20130715_144433 IMG_6081

Abigail and PaigeDSC_0069 DSC_0070 DSC_0431 DSC_0450 DSC_1756

9 thoughts on “Best Friends Forever

  1. I love the water fountain story. Makes me smile every time I hear it:) True, unconditional friendships are one of life’s greatest blessings.


  2. I happen to have a friend like that. Her name is Julie Cravens. It seems no matter what happens in life – where our journeys have taken us – we end up picking up where we left off. She is the reason I found my love and soul mate – my husband. My best memories growing up always revolve around our daily get togethers. These kind of friendships are priceless!


  3. I Love reading your blogs Susan. They are so heart felt. I also have a child hood friend who I love and share everything with. So I understand what your saying. 🙂 Prayers for Paige and Makenna. Bless their little hearts.


  4. What we have is too special for our first encounter to be a coincidence…God had something much bigger planned for us that day at the drinking fountain! I love you forever and always my soul sister!! You will always be my sunshine ☀️


  5. I have a kindergarten best friend. The shared history makes you sisters. Nothing is more comforting than being with or talking to your best friend. It is like coming home no matter how far you roam. Thankful you and your girls both have close friendships. Prayers for Paige and Makenna that they feel comfort now and forever.


  6. Love!! Makenna and I read this one together (well I skipped a few parts about finding the “one”) :). I LOVE the way our girls giggled…and danced…and ran in circles in the living room. “Makenna come on!” “Come on Anna!” are the voices that ring down the hallway, through the living room and out the back door. They share a love, a love that I am grateful for every day. Thank you for sharing! We love you!


    1. Thank you Susan for remembering friends. Friends are important. Anna and Abigail have great friends because they are a great friend. “You have to be a friend to have a friend,” my mother used to say. More than anything Paige loved to play Littlest Pet Shop (LPS) with Abigail. At times Abigail thought she had outgrown the game, but then I would hear her ask Paige to play LPS. Over time they developed an elaborate world in Paige’s playroom where LPS characters came to life in a world of their own. Some of Abigail’s characters are named Twitty, Froggy, Dragonfly, and Flower. Some of Paige’s characters are named Sugar, Lily, and Snaily. Together these LPS characters robbed banks, got married, worked, sang on American Idol, danced, had children, and got into a lot of trouble. Abigail and Paige would write scripts and make imovies of their made-up world, show them to James and I like a million times, and laugh. Abigail and Paige knew how to play together and I have no doubt they would have stayed friends just like you and your best friend. Paige says Abigail will always be her best friend no matter what.

      Paige read your post and said, “It makes me feel good that Susan knows I’m Abigail’s best friend.”

      Thank you Susan for making Paige smile. Love you…. forever and ever.


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