Indoor fun

I woke up this morning thinking about this video.  My mom providing a love-drenched life at Nana’s house.

Today is the last day of 2013. I have decided I’m going to stay in 2013 for awhile. I’m not ready to move forward yet. I know I will need to move forward someday, just not today.

Spending the day with Laurie. Looking forward to kicking back on her couch, playing with her little one, talking about my girls and laughing…she always knows how to make me laugh.


13 thoughts on “Indoor fun

  1. What a sweet, fun video! Your mom is such a great nana! I’m so glad you’re able to spend this time with close loved ones and cherished memories! Hugs, prayers, XOXO


  2. Thinking of you…and thankful you have such amazing friends and family surrounding you, this year and next year, and the year after too!


    1. We used to do this with Alisha and Paige too. So much fun for the kids. I’m glad you are spending time with your best friend, she sounds wonderful. I’ll be glad when your home, been keeping an eye on your house and the memorial… helps to keep you and Tom close. You know what I mean. Love you. xxoo


  3. I remember that makeshift sliding board like it was yesterday. Such fun we had. I also remember when you met your dear friend Laurie. It is because of your friendship with Laurie that I am blessed with a friendship that I cherish with her mother Judy. What beautiful gifts we share. Love to you Susan, Laurie and Judy.


  4. So glad you and Laurie can spend the day together. I’m sure Kristin wishes she was there to give you both a big hug!!!
    Susan, you are so brave and strong ; I will continue to pray for your strength and peace of mind.Thank you for sharing your girls with us


  5. Friends, people that really know you, are such blessings. I’ve always appreciated my friends, but as I get older I’ve come to realize that even those people I seemed to find difference with growing up, have provided my life with balance and perspective. When we (or I, I shouldn’t speak for others 🙂 are little, we seem to be so embracing of others, age, gender, uniqueness, all wrapped up in a gift we called our “friend”. And somehow over the years, letting people in becomes more of a challenge (for me :). Perhaps if we move to a new place we’ll find friends, but otherwise, I found I became very complacent with the people in my life. Now, I’ve come to realize that I shouldn’t feel constrained by having “enough” people in my life. There is never enough. And to turn a blind eye on a potential friendship because you’re happy with what you have could be the missed opportunity of a lifetime. I realize all the people I grew up with, that I wasn’t close with growing up, have all become special in my life now because I’ve let go of that thought that I’ve got all I need. So much of life and opportunity has been opened to me. Or, I suppose, I’ve opened myself to so much of life and the opportunities out there. Sorry to go on a tangent there. Guess I’m wishing we could have these talks over a cup of coffee. My point is, you are very blessed to have people like Laurie, and I know you have so many more. Much love.


  6. Sending you hugs today Susan:) I’ve been thinking about you and Tom and sending prayers every day. I love all your treasures you share with us:) love


  7. Susan, you live in the moment, whatever it may be. No need to move on, live through those sweet treasures you share with us. Continue to walk with God and those sweet angels on your shoulders. Love and prayers always💗💗


  8. Dear Susan, I’ll stay here with you for a while. I’ve been praying for you this am and I’ve thought about the significance this day seems to bring as 2014 rolls in. Glad you are following your heart, as always, and listening. And really glad you’ll spend the day with Laurie and find the laughter. Love you friend!! Prayers and hugs.


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