Photo credit: Abigail Robinson

No words just a request for prayer for Tom as he is testifying at Cynthia’s trial today. I hate that he has to go back and relive that night. I pray for his continued peace and for God’s love to shower him as he’s on the stand. I know my girls are proud of their dad/Tom and so am I.

22 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Prayers for you and Tom. All the time. Every time I get to snuggle up to my daughter, every time I get frustrated by the little annoyances of daily life that we take for granted will continue on and on with our loved ones right next to us. Prayers for you and Tom, all the time but especially tomorrow afternoon.


  2. Praying all day…and sending love and support for you both tomorrow! Love Abigail’s picture…it immediately made me think of peace….hoping the image brings you both some peace.


  3. I wish I would have been able to hug tom as well today. I am paying extra hard for the continued strength you both need.


  4. Susan, you and Tom are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. I know that God is holding you in His hands as you weather the storm of loss and grief. I don’t know Tom, but I know he must be a very special man to have married this amazingly strong , loving woman . Together you are stronger!My heart breaks for your loss and prays for your comfort and peace.
    Love and prayers gayle


  5. Difficult days calls for more time spent in prayer. God always provides. I know He will be faithful to all of our prayers for peace to come to us all, especially you and Tom.


  6. I just read this but I felt the need to pray extra hard this morning for you and Tom to be lifted up with Love, peace and strength. I pray everything went well today and the Lord answered all our prayers and I know our God will continue to do so. He is such an Awesome God!


  7. We have been praying all day for you and Tom. Praying that The Lord dulls the pain and comforts you in powerful ways today! Love you.


  8. Thinking of little else today and praying so much for strength and comfort for you both. I can’t imagine how painful this day is for you. My heart aches. I am comforted only by the knowledge that the trial at least will have an end. Love and prayers and hugs to you both. Praying that Tom will feel Abby and Anna today, hugging him and holding his hands as he testifies.


  9. Sending prayers and supportive thoughts for you both!! Yes I’m sure the girls are so very proud of both of you. They are snuggled up together with Sampson, the cute bunny, and Dude (is that right?) the goldfish, and being with you both today.
    PS – I’m sure you can snuggle with goldfish in heaven. 🙂


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