Artwork by Anna Oct. 2013

We have lots of love in our house and in our lives so of course we love Valentine’s Day. I would spend the 13 days leading up to it giving little love notes to Anna and Abigail, making heart-shaped cookies and sandwiches for their lunches and planning what we were going to spread love on the big day. I loved watching my girls create notes for their friends, Abigail loved to bake heart-shaped cookies and Anna loved to decorate them. We did these sorts of thing throughout the year but during the days leading up to Valentine’s Day we created a tradition to really focus on love we have for one another.DSC_0263

Last year I started putting little heart love notes in their rooms early in the morning before they woke up. Abigail’s were placed on the mirror in her bathroom, or on her dresser where her favorite bracelet’s were placed; I knew she would be putting them on in the morning before school. Anna’s were in her closet to be found when she was getting dressed or on the floor just as she stepped down for the first time each morning. I loved making these little notes and I loved that both girls would come downstairs with a smile and a hug knowing just how much their Mama loved them.

These notes are still displayed in their rooms by my girls. Anna’s placed in the various picture frames around her room and Abigail’s hanging on her magnetic board. I love that they were so special to them they displayed them.DSC_0199 DSC_0189

I too have lots of little love notes displayed by my girls. Abigail used to leave me sticky notes expressing her love and Anna, at least a couple of times a week, would make sure to tuck a note into my bed to be found once she was in dreamland.

I love that these little gestures are still very much a part of our decor and I can’t imagine that ever changing. I can go into any room in our house and find a note left by my girls, always making my heart fill with joy for the love we all share.

Yesterday, February 1st, I would have snuck upstairs while the girls were sleeping and placed my notes in their spots. Instead I walked to the place they went to Heaven, tucked my note on their tree and told them how much I love them. I know they can feel the love in my heart, I know they know I love them to the moon and back and now to Heaven and back.

DSC_0191 DSC_0190

11 thoughts on “Love

  1. Tonight we came by to bring Anna and Abby hearts that Addison had picked out on Friday to leave for them.

    The love that you have for your children is so beautiful and the way continue to express it is breathtaking.


    1. On Thursday I went out to Dilley for a visit and when Addison saw me on the playground she opened her arms up for a hug and yelled out Anna…warmed my heart. Thank you for your kind comments. My girls are very easy to love!


  2. So much love. I hope you know how loved you and your family are, even by those of us who have been a small part of your lives. You have a beautiful heart, I hope I will have the same kind of relationships with my kids someday. ❤ Many thoughts and prayers for you and Tom ❤


  3. Dear Susan,
    You could write a parenting book on how to make sure your kids know they’re loved! Awesome idea using all the days leading up to Valentine’s to share love with family and others. Sometimes, most times, we don’t think of all these little things we could do that might make a special moment or memory for our child. It wasn’t until Jamie wasn’t home with me every night that I started to think more intentionally about how to make sure she knew that I was thinking about her, loving her, all the time. No matter where she was. On another note…I sure hope you can get a picture of your squirrel. That story made me thankful for those random and unpredictable moments of joy. Our God gave us a magical world. If we just choose to see it that way!


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