Making Our Own Rainbow

No words today just memories of a really fun day with friends.

Color Run September 2013DSC_0306 DSC_0299 DSC_0311 DSC_0325 DSC_0334 DSC_0336 DSC_0342 DSC_0355 DSC_0358 DSC_0361

8 thoughts on “Making Our Own Rainbow

  1. Love these pictures!! Especially the last one where Tom is pretending to have his arms around everyone but he really looks like he’s trying to avoid getting colors all over himself. Made me smile.


  2. I often think about the loss for Amy and how much she must be grieving as well. She has grief on many levels, as do so many. One for the girls and how much she loved them. Then she has the loss for her kids and how they must feel. And then she grieves for you, her dear friend. I sure hope that peace will fill her heart as the days pass. I know you and she will help each other get through this. May God bless Amy and Chad and their precious little children as they face their new normal as well. Love to all involved. Prayers for love to cover you all, like a dove.


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