A Love Story

Yesterday I had a conversation with some folks and in that conversation I brought up Little Miss Anna; I could see in their faces complete heartache and discomfort. I know a lot of people do not know how to respond to the current state of our lives; I struggled last night because of this, wondering if bringing up my girls really does cause people more pain. It doesn’t cause me pain, I love talking about Anna and Abigail.

This morning I was sharing this with Tom and we had a discussion about our lives, both before and after the girls went to Heaven. We both have the same viewpoint; we do not want our lives viewed as a tragedy but a love story.

People often say that they can’t imagine what we are going through, my response is always the same – “Don’t try”. Our hearts are heavy with not being able to be with Anna and Abigail right now but they are also filled with a tremendous amount of peace, love and joy! We have lived such an amazing life with our girls here and we have no regrets. We are focusing on the love and not the tragedy.

Someone very close to Tom and I helped me through some of my PTSD in relation to the night of October 20th by asking me what exactly happened that night. At first I said my girls died and then she said, “no, what really happened.”

On the night of October 20th, Jesus came and got my girls and HE LOVES THEM SO MUCH. When I close my eyes I can see how beautiful that must have been for them. I can only image the glory that they were witnessing at that exact moment and my heart fills with love and joy thinking about it!

Our life is not a tragedy but a love story and I will always talk about my girls and share that love story with anyone who wants to listen.


22 thoughts on “A Love Story

  1. I would love to hear you talk about your girls any time, any where 🙂 My mom always smiled so big when she mentioned when she saw you and the girls. Same with Laura. Last September when I was home, I kept thinking, “I should see if Susan and get girls would like to do X with me”…

    If I ever look sad the next time we meet and we are taking about your girls, it’s only because I really would have liked to have had an earth day with them. They clearly are incredible people!


  2. What a great way to put it. I truelly enjoy reading your posts. Even though I did not know your girls first hand I feel that I knew them.
    I hope the guardian angel that I set by your door a few months back helps to know we will always think of your girls.


  3. Susan- you continue to bless and inspire me. God is so good and your girls are the lucky ones- lucky to have been wrapped in your love for their time here on earth, and lucky to be finally wrapped in God’s unending arms forever! We can’t wait to get there ourselves, but in the meantime, I’m so glad you are surrounded by such love, peace, and beautiful stories, memories, people, and faith that God is also wrapping you in his arms! I LOVE YOU FRIEND!


  4. I am so glad for the peace you feel about them going to heaven. I have a friend who lost a son not very long ago. Her saddest day was when someone introduced her to a group of people as a mother to four kids, and discounted her fifth son. She told me, “He is still so very much a part of me, our life, in our hearts, every day and I don’t want people to try to erase him so as to spare me the reminder of my loss.” At first I wasn’t sure if asking you questions about your girls would also cause you more pain, but I clearly understand by the way your face lights up when you talk about them that they will always bring you joy in sharing about them with others and not cause you painful memories. The pain of missing them will always also be there, but you are always their proud mama, even if you know they are just a breath away in heaven, always watching over you, always present. Thank you for sharing who they were and how much you love them. You and Tom are defined as a loving family and not by your loss.


  5. Susan and Tom I just had to share with you, last night at dinner prayer brooklyn thanked god for the food and our health, then she asked Anna and Abby to make it snow for us. She told us since the girls were in heaven they could help god make it snow. She was so happy this morning seeing little flakes coming from the sky. She said she knew they were listening. Thank you for sharing your beautiful angels.


  6. Your family is a love story, one that continues to grow. I think of your story like sunshine hitting a rain drop, the spectacular rainbow refracted in every direction, while your love which has always been kept by your girls, is now being showered among so many others, like myself, who will continue to live a life in honor of you and your family. The words don’t make as much sense as the visual in my head ;). Talk about Anna and Abigail and talk about them often as it gives those of us who don’t know what to say an idea of what makes you smile. XO


  7. Dear Susan, sometimes we are left with the words and the songs of our hearts memories to carry us over into tomorrow until at last our journey; here has ended. God is an amazing, all knowing loving being he loves us from the beginning of our song to the very last note, well into eternity. Love is beautiful and when a family such as yours can still feel, express and know of one another no matter the laws of perception and gravity that is true undying LOVE. You and Tom Will have that for a lifetime. God bless you all.


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