This Time Last Year…

This time last year this is what we did on Saturday morning.

color run abscolor run family color run anna

It seems like just yesterday that we were trying to pick out the perfect socks to wear. I miss my girls so much!!


7 thoughts on “This Time Last Year…

  1. I remember seeing this pictures last year. You have always been such a fun mom, and made such a beautiful, wonderful childhood for the girls. Love you.


  2. My neighbor’s sister-in-law was visiting from Portland this weekend. When I told her I had a daughter in Forest Grove (Brooke Harris) she asked me if I heard of Love Rocks and we agreed — you are building a community with Love Rocks, a community of support and love that is probably much bigger than you imagine.


  3. I noticed the tshirt on Abby says “Change the world for one” and the African continent. She has changed the world for so many in a multitude of ways. I imagine that her love rocks will be carried to African soon. Her gift of organ donation changed the lives and many. So much change. So many more than one. Such wonderful gifts to the world they were and continue to be from heaven.


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