Happiness Journal

This past weekend my family sat around my parent’s family room, dance music blaring, watching my nephew and nieces dance around the room with so much joy ~ each one moving to the music in their own unique style.

As I sat and watched I couldn’t help but smile ~ we are all so blessed by our love drenched lives.

My entire family is in the midst of grief but we have all chosen to celebrate the lives my girls lead rather than letting the tragedy that took them to Heaven consume us.

As the kids danced I felt my girls ~ dance party was a regular occurrence at our house and I’m sure they were smiling somewhere in Heaven at their cousins moves.

All of our hearts are heavy and we all miss Anna and Abigail. I feel blessed though that when we are together we can share, cry, laugh, dance and celebrate their beautiful lives and the love story of our entire family.

This is my nephew and he makes me very happy!

So much LOVE and so much JOY!

Photo by: Tim Kelly
Photo by: Tim Kelly

4 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. What an amazing photo!! Once again you have reminded me of how blessed we are and to try harder to make the most of our family time. Thank you for sharing Susan.
    love you


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