Sushi and Cheesecake

I woke up this morning thinking about sushi. We are currently stuck in the house due to snow with no chance of a sushi run happening anytime soon.

Why sushi I laid there wondering?

Then this photo popped into my head.DSC_0006

I wasn’t thinking about eating sushi, I was thinking about Anna dressed up as sushi. Anna would tell me what she wanted to be for Halloween each year and a couple of years ago she said she wanted to be sushi. This was not an odd request from my girl. Her and her Mama frequented Sushi Town on a regular basis. In fact, Sushi town was the first restaurant that Anna ever went to. She was 2 weeks old and sound asleep in her car seat while her Mama and friends enjoyed a couple of rolls and some miso soup.

From the car seat to the high chair on wheels to sitting on her own stool, Anna and I would chat about life and what plate we were going to pluck from the conveyer belt next. We would sit down, look at each other and one of us would say, ” this was the best idea ever.” This became a ritual for the Dieter Girls, one that I miss terribly. Avocado rolls, shrimp tempura and edamame are her favorites. When I go now I always make sure I get one of each in her honor.

Unfortunately Abigail wasn’t much of a sushi eater. If I was really craving it I could usually get her to go by bribing her with a piece of chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Chances are she probably loved the sushi but had me figured out, if she made a fuss, and I was really in the mood for raw fish, she would get cheesecake. I smile at the thought of her manipulation, both of us getting exactly what we wanted. Time together with the food of our choice.

Today I’m in the mood for sushi and cheesecake, and a dinner out with my girls.


11 thoughts on “Sushi and Cheesecake

  1. So adorable! And the wasabi and ginger hair tie, nice touch!!! We love Sushi Town too! Teyah loves the “headamame” like Anna, and True loves sitting at the booth with us trying to grab whatever he can!


  2. Sounds like our family. Paige has been going there since before she was born I think. Alisha and I found Sushi Town when we first moved here. I remember when she finally got big enough to stand up on the bench seat of the booth and play with the bowls. She loved the “Baby Nemo’s” as she called them. We still go there and she still begs for the chocolate cheese cake. We’ve taken Abigail there many times and I can relate to her compromise for dessert. Glad I wasn’t the only one manipulated by her wit and smile.


  3. Love this post! Love them all to be honest. You’ve all been on mind a lot lately. Still every day, but a little more the last 24 hours. Thank you for sharing your stories!! I said a prayer in church today for you all and hoped your angels heard me. 🙂
    Love you friend!!


  4. Love:) Smiling thinking about how much Kaia loves sushi too and that if I bribe Rio with anything sweet, he’ll eat sushi too. Great costume. Snow fairies are going crazy in Oregon too, huh?


  5. Oh wow! Ask Andy, but all I’ve been craving lately (for the past 2 months) has been Sushi and Cheesecake. There is currently 3 slices of cheesecake left in the fridge (I’m rationing now, due to the road conditions) and every Wednesday I get sushi for lunch (Andy won’t allow for any more than that). I could eat both every day for every meal. I thought it odd cravings, but I don’t anymore!


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