I love putting Anna to bed at night, the questions, the stories and the screaming “I love you to the moon and back” as I walk down the stairs after a hundred kisses to both my girls.

Tom would read and talk with Abigail, I would do the same with Anna, we would swap and then swap again. Both girls knowing the love of both of us but also feeling that special bond they each had with just one of us.

I’ve been going through some old pins I’ve made to Pinterest and found this.


It is so perfect because Anna and I would lay on her bed at night face to face, snuggled, as close as we could be and used to talk about how she once heard my heartbeat from the inside. I love the face she made when she wouldn’t understand something at first, then processing it, and finally asking questions. I told her it was simple, she was the only one in our family that ever lived inside me. She laughed and hugged me tight. It was our special bond and we were both proud of it.

I think I’ll find some wood, stencils and some paint and start making one of these to put in her room.

Yesterday evening, when Tom and I came home from dinner there was a little package on our door step. Inside was a beautiful wrap that I absolutely love. The note was beautiful and anonymous with reference to this space of mine.

Thank you anonymous friend for your gift. I am currently wrapped in warmth and love because of you and yes it does remind me of sushi.

3 thoughts on “Heartbeat

  1. I love everything about this post… Sweetness of your bedtime rituals, the story of Anna processing what you meant by hearing your heart from the inside, and of course the gift keeping you warm. Your words made me smile tonight. Hugs to you my friend.


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