I remember the first time I realized the flutter in my belly was actually Anna moving around. It was the first time I felt a life growing inside of me. I smile at the memory of lying in my bed, hands on my belly, realizing that I was going to be a mom ~ Anna’s mom.

Years later, while cuddling her in bed, we would talk about how she was the only one that had ever heard my heartbeat from the inside. She loved that fact and so did I.

Last night I felt the flutter, it was subtle but I know it’s our little one stretching, moving, and if it’s anything like Tom, dancing. This little one can also hear my heartbeat from the inside. I’m sure that Anna feels honored to share this with her little brother or sister.

There are times in our lives when our journey or life circumstances create a realization in our hearts and minds that may not have been realized if things were different. I have to be honest and say I would trade my life circumstances any day and stay in the dark about many things that have been brought to light since the girls went to Heaven ~ unfortunately I don’t get to choose.

I have witnessed the life cycle of my child. I was there when she took her first breath and I arrived, to a scene no one should ever experience, shortly after she took her last.

I remember holding her little hand for the first time, amazed at the fact that my body helped create this little being ~ I knew right then she was going to teach me so much about life.

I, unfortunately, also have the memory of holding Anna’s hand in the funeral home ~ her body no longer breathing life and I knew right then that my girl was also going to teach me so much about what happens when a life, as we know it, ends.

It was there I was enlightened.

It was there that my deep deep suffering was accompanied by a tremendous peace ~ a peace that should not come to a mother experiencing the loss of her children. A peace, that to this day, I sometimes struggle to fully understand.

It was there when I realized that Anna and Abigail were not gone but rather holding us in a blanket of hope. Their physical bodies, the ones we created, were gone but their souls were very much alive.

It was there that I opened my eyes to the gift that God was giving me, the realization that Anna and Abigail were not ours for the keeping but rather His and in opening my heart fully to this He gave me the gift of their eternal presence which I feel daily through my peace.

Last night, as I felt the flutter, I was enlightened once again by the gift of a little soul wrestling around inside of me. Tom and I created the body but God, He placed the soul for us to nurture, care for and love until it’s time for it to go Home.

10 thoughts on “Flutter

  1. You always inspire me with your beautiful words and thoughts and your love of others. I think your girls share in that inspiration. They have touched so many through you.


  2. Susan, you are simply amazing in your generosity. Thank you for sharing this walk, and being so honest and true. It is a testament to your girls. And this new one is lucky to be joining such a love-drenched family. 💕


  3. What a lovely post. Your writing always helps me to think deeply about what matters most in life. Enjoy those flutters- what a blessing we as mothers get to experience


  4. Susan,
    I try to remember that the time I get to spend nurturing my children here on earth, and connecting with all the special friends I meet, however long that time shared is, is truly a gift to be treasured. We are all precious, lovely, unique souls just visiting here for a little blip of time. Thank you for sharing your beautiful moments with us.


  5. Goosebumps and tears reading your words. They are so powerful and they have, as always, changed my life. I suspect I’m not alone. Enjoy this intimate time with your new little one while he is yours and yours alone. ❤️❤️


  6. Amazing! I can’t wait to meet this little soul. I am sure Anna and Abby have already met him (yes, I’m guessing it’s a boy) 👶🏼 and love him already and have told him all about what an amazing mom and Dad that he is going to have!!
    I’m so sorry you have to experience such sadness and joy at the same time. Love you my dear friend!


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