Happiness Journal


Last night Tom got home from work and said let’s go camping. Ben is in town this week and we decided that a little overnight adventure would be good ~ plus we needed to try out our new car top tent.

As Tom gathered up our camping gear I could tell he was struggling. The last time our gear was out was when we went to Orcas Island as a family, the summer of 2013. The three of us stood in the kitchen, all very aware of the pain in our hearts, and then Tom said, “ok, let’s go”.

Sometimes that’s what it takes when we have memories from the past collide with the absence we feel today ~ sometimes we just need to say, “ok, let’s go.”

With each new adventure comes new memories, none of which will ever take away from the memories we have with Anna and Abigail, but instead will build on them.

This morning as I sat and watched the smoke from the fire I closed my eyes and could hear them giggling ~ I could hear their laughter so clearly.

I remembered moments from that adventure that needed this adventure to come alive again. I remembered how happy we all were to be together as a family in the woods. I remember Abigail making fairy houses hoping that our fairies would find our new temporary home. I remember Anna riding on her brothers back through the woods   pretending to be asleep with eyes shut but a big grin on her face. I remember rides into town with Emily chatting about life.

I remember sitting in this spot thankful for my family and the chance to connect outside the daily routine of our lives. 

Those memories from Orcas Island colliding with last night’s adventure makes me happy (and sad because I miss our girls so much).

What also makes me happy is Tom’s willingness to push us forward by saying, “ok, let’s go.”

2 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. I never miss one of your blogs. And I always come away with at least one positive thing, and often more, that I can apply to my life. Today it is “OK, let’s go”. What a great statement. Just moving forward one step at a time, even when the pain feels unbearable. ❤


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