Backflips in Heaven

Years ago, as a single mom, I was looking for someone to watch Miss Anna while I went to work. Leaving her everyday was so incredibly difficult and seemed so unnatural. I hated the thought of having to drop her off with someone else and have them take care of her. What happens if they see the first step, first tooth or hear the first words before I do? What happens if Anna calls them Mama too?

God was definitely at work when he connected Anna and I with Tami and her family. I can’t even begin to write down all the ways in which Tami has been there for us over the last 6 years. She has not only taken care of my girl and has loved her as if she was her own she but has also been there for me countless times in so many ways. Anna always knew that Tami was on her side and I am so thankful that she had this relationship with such an amazing woman. When asked what Anna wanted to do when she grew up she would say she wanted to take care of kids just like her Tami.Anna Tami Grace

After blending our families, Abigail had the same relationship with Tami and with her daughter Grace. Grace was a role model for Anna and a rock for Abigail. She provides both of my girls with friendship and love that will last for eternity.

Yesterday Grace got baptized by Tom and I know that my girls were doing backflips in Heaven. Our family loves Grace so much.  I look forward to watching Grace grow up.  I know that she will always have my girls tucked away in her heart and they will always be watching out for her.

She is such a beautiful soul and we are so proud of her!

grace sitting grace baptism grace water tom grace grace mckenna tom tami grace

9 thoughts on “Backflips in Heaven

  1. So special! Loved seeing Tom baptize Grace! Love the stories about Miss Anna’s imaginary worlds imitating the people she holds so close in her heart!


  2. To be trusted with someone else’s child is a special type of blessing. Thank you for that gift. Our lives are forever changed for the better because we are loved by your family.


  3. Anna always wanted me to play “Tami’s House” with her and her baby’s. I would be Tami in my pop-up tent house and Anna would be the mama going to work, always talking back and forth on our pretend phones. Such fun and what an imagination she had. Such a blessing that Anna and Abigail had Tami and Grace in their lives. A true gift for all of us.


    1. I love that she spent her time with me playing “Going to Ohio”. We made pretend airplane tickets and I served her pretend snacks/juice on the flight. I always wanted to play “Going to Disneyland”, but Nana’s house in Ohio is where Anna always wanted to travel! We love you Nana!


  4. Goodness gracious dear sweet Susan.. =) of all the ways to memorialize your girls memory you and Tom sure do know how to pay their tribute with such love and grace truly an image of what being Christ like is suppose to be. Thank you I needed a heart smile… xoxox


  5. Our Girl Scout troop is so lucky to have Tami and Grace be such a big part of it. They both are such great examples of Gods unconditional love. I know that your girls will remain in their hearts forever. Love, Hugs and Prayers……..Always.


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