Student of the Month

abigail graceThis morning I went to the Student of the Month Assembly at Abigail’s school. I was invited by her dear friend Grace because she was chosen for student of the month. I am honored she asked and feel blessed to be able to be a part of her celebrations. I loved looking across the gym and making eye contact with her, both of us feeling joy to be in each other’s lives.

During the assembly I stood next to Abigail’s teacher and felt her love and support; being in that space was very difficult for me and she knew that. October 17th was the last time I was at an all-school assembly, Abigail was participating in a dance-off and won. Unfortunately I didn’t see her dance (although I do have a video of it now) but did see her excitement when announced as the winner. Of course I was proud and smiled knowing her dad would be so happy that all those late night dance parties paid off.

I was standing by the exit door when her teacher lead the kids out of gym and I could see that Abigail was surprised to see me at first, her school was not typically one that I taught at. As a sixth grader, Abigail’s reaction to me was a little different than Anna’s. She was out of the running, hugging and kissing phase. I told her that I wouldn’t embarrass her too much if I ever saw her at school; so I gave her a smile and walked over to her and her friends. She hugged me, and told me with pride that she just won the dance off. She was excited to see me and my heart was happy.

Today I stood in the gym looking around at Abigail’s world. A world she loved to be in. She loved her school, she loved her friends, she loved her teacher and I know that she would have gotten student of the month this year. I know, because I asked and her teacher said she would have.

So proud of my Abigail and Grace!

Thank you Miss Grace for letting me be part of your world, for being a role model to Anna and best friend to Abigail. You are truly a blessing to our entire family. Love you!


4 thoughts on “Student of the Month

  1. How wonderful that you were able to attend the assembly. Once again you show your amazing strength! I do not think I could have been there without making a total fool of myself (Unfortunately I go immediately to the “ugly cry” and believe me, it is UGLY!!) I hope you are able to experience more events at her school; another way to keep close to her 🙂


  2. I don’t know Grace, but I think about her often because I know she loves both of your girls so much. And misses them so much, too.


  3. I love this. I am glad that God is givin you what you need when you need it. I love how you felt the support of Abigail’s teacher. They are special little girls and they have a special mom. Listening to “Oceans” by Hillsong today- brought me into prayer for you. I love that you let Him lead you daily Love you!


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