Seal Rock

Not a lot of words today just pictures from this weekend’s trip to Seal Rock. We are so blessed by so many and this weekend was another blessing by people we don’t even know.  Our cousin, Tori, connected us with some folks who had a wonderful place at Seal Rock and they wanted us to go and spend a weekend there to get away.

Tom and I are learning how to be in this new life of ours. Having some time away to focus on us is definitely appreciated. We can’t thank the Hertert’s enough for allowing us to be in their beautiful space for the weekend.

On Saturday morning I sat with my coffee looking out the window that overlooked the coast. Waves crashing against the rocks, seagulls flying and a tide that was slowly going out. I was waiting for my rainbow to appear, the girls telling me that they were there. All of a sudden Tom yells, “Are those eagles?” Sure enough two beautiful bald eagles soared in front of the window and of course I was so taken by it I spilt my coffee all over my lap. We both laughed. Those girls!

God is grand and his creation is so magnificent. I’m sure that what my girls are seeing is beyond words and I know that if asked to come back they would assure me that they are good where they are. They know that we will be there soon enough.

Even when I don’t want to go another day without them God assures me that it will be alright and gives me the peace in knowing that we will be together again.

I know this to be true and for that I am so grateful.

seal 2 seal1 seal5 seal 3 seal 7 seal rock

Spending the rest of my day in our studio sewing. I’m working on some creations in honor of my girls. I’m really enjoying being in our space and I’m hoping to get lost in it today.

7 thoughts on “Seal Rock

  1. Hugs Susan!!! Best wishes for you for all the intentions you shared here. Such beautiful words and images. Thanks for sharing.


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