Pink Flowered Boots

No words today just a picture of my girl in her pink flowered boots.


These boots, that were on her feet when her soul went to Heaven, are going to make it back into her closet this afternoon.  She loved her Goodwill boots that we found for $6.99. I loved how she coordinated outfits around them,  often times mismatched and not a care in the world of what others would think.

I think she is beautiful, on the inside and the outside!

I am so lucky to be her Mama! 

11 thoughts on “Pink Flowered Boots

  1. Only your sweet little angel could fill those cute boots with such love and adventure. . . I’m sure those boots never walked so many miles of fun until Anna put them on 🙂


  2. I love that outfit! Goodwill and wedding garb are a personal favorite of mine! Glad her favorite boots are coming home even if I really wish you and her and Tom and Abby and anyone else who was keen were coming here to show the Italians a slice of Oregon fashion! Much love to you Susan. Thanks for sharing this photo. It made me smile.


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