Linus the Healer

grace mckenna linus

No words today just a photo of two girls, Anna and Abigail’s best buds, holding Linus. Can’t help but look at these three and think about how much my girls would love this fluff ball. Linus is definitely here for a reason and I’m sure it’s to heal a lot of broken hearts.

Love seeing all of these smile!


4 thoughts on “Linus the Healer

  1. Love you Susan! Love your girls…and all our girls together. Thank you for sharing Linus today…he is so completely adorable…and soft…and yes…healing. Thank you…


  2. How sweet of you to invite the girls over to meet Linus. You can see the joy in their eyes. I can tell that Linus is going to be healing to so many people. You are so generous to share.


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