We have been very busy this week figuring out our new routine with Linus. He is a very good puppy but I am tired.


Along with getting acquainted with our new little guy we also have been busy with Guys and Dolls rehearsal every night, I’ve been doing a lot of sewing, we’ve been planning our second playground meeting for this afternoon and this morning we had a meeting with Donate Northwest for an upcoming community event we will be hosting. Needless to say we are really busy right now.

I’m not complaining but I am going to join Linus in the sun for a nap.

anna glasses
Anna 7 months old and 6 yrs old. Always ready for some time in the sun!
anna and mommy
Anna and Mama before the Color Run Sept. 2013

4 thoughts on “Sun

  1. What a sweet puppy face!! I am so glad to hear you have something new to make you smile!! I know puppies are a lot of work, but as the saying goes, they are a labor of love!!


  2. I can just picture Anna looking down from her cloud with a smile on her face….watching you and Linus napping in the sun…with her stylish shades on!


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